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Designing A Gorgeous Marble Mug Was Never This Easy!

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I don’t know about you, but August is definitely the busiest month in my calendar. Half of the people I know came into existence in this month, including my dad. With a full-time job, it’s quite a task to go out in search for apt gifts for everyone well in time for the birthdays. And that’s where my love for DIYs comes handy — I can spend sleepless nights with my crafty tools. Last month, Sanjana wrote about marble cakes — weren’t they just amazing? Since I can’t bake to save my life, I decided to incorporate that trend into something that I can make.

After searching for a while on the internet, the answer was in front of me — Marble Mugs. Apart from sounding totally adorbs, they certainly make for great gifts. Your friends can drink their daily coffee in it or even use it as a showpiece. One of my friends even uses a mug to keep her makeup in. The best part? You are never too old or too young to own a mug!

Marble mugs are super-easy to make. All you need is a bowl of warm water and the nail paint of your choice. Pour the nail colour in the water and spread it using a toothpick. Immediately drown your plain white ceramic mug in it and you will see an abstract design form. Let it dry and voila, your mug is ready! You can experiment and use 2-3 different colours to design your mug.

If you need a demo, check out this video — I guarantee you will get addicted. Trust me, they are that easy and the fun is just an added bonus!

Need some inspiration? Scroll down to see some designs that will get you going!


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