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5 Diaries That The Organiser In You Would Love To DIY

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Some people collect stamps, others collect roses, but I collect diaries (and boxes!). Till date, I have around 50 of them, give or take a few, in different sizes and shapes. You can say I am obsessed with everything that even remotely looks like a journal. Next question that will pop up in your mind would be, do I really write that much? Nope. They are just sitting in my cupboard, staring at me, lovingly. Will I ever stop bringing new ones in my life? Definitely not.

But, what I have done now is that instead of purchasing them, I have started making them at home. Trust me, it is an amazing process, especially if you are a stationery junkie like I am. And you don’t have to walk the usual path and create a boring notebook (oops, I didn’t say that), you can try out different styles and make it more personalised, more you. After all, a diary has the potential to be your BFF and stand by you when no one else will. It’s true, peeps.

Scroll down for 5 adorable DIY diary ideas that will totes awaken the inner list maker, letter writer, notes maker, and storyteller in you!


1. Mini Notebooks

When you want a diary to fit in your wallet and just want to feel better by looking at a little cuteness on a stressful day, make this one NOW. It works as a keychain too, and you can now say bye to the overpriced ones at Archies!


2. Vintage Journal

I think the idea was a hit at vintage itself. Stained paper, a polished leather cover, frayed pages, and an ink pen, you are sorted to start a new chapter of your life.


3. Oreo Diary

YUS! A tiny diary that looks like an oreo? Why the hell will anyone say no to it? If anything, you might just want to gobble it up.


4. Harry Potter Diary

The diary that belonged to Tom Riddle, that one that had the horcrux, the iconic black book can now be yours! Make it and flaunt it like a true Potterhead.


5. Travel Journal

Most of us, will either use a diary to jot down our feelings or file our travel experiences. For those who fall in the latter category, this map journal is calling out to you.


Hauterfly's Lifestyle writer and resident Potterhead. In love with boxes, diaries, food, and conversations. Always in a state of fernweh. (Don't know what that means? Search the site for more!)

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