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Disha Patani’s Father’s Reaction To Her Glamorous Pics Is Every Indian Dad Ever! Question Is, Awkward Kyun?

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Disha Patani may be a glamorous diva but it turns out that her home life is pretty much like us. But it’s cute. The actress recently revealed that her dad gets awkward when she posts glamorous pictures of herself but we aren’t entirely sure why. Surely he knows that these are the demands of the industry she is in and that while it may take time to get used to, it certainly shouldn’t make him uncomfortable. But hey, we get it. There are days even now when I have to be sneaky with what I am actually wearing when I step out of the house at night for parties. Not because I am not comfortable in what I am wearing, hell no, I can rock a pair of 6 inches and a plunging neckline at any time, but because I may end up coming face-to-face with my father in my short shorts. The deafening awkward silence that follows is just uncomfortable all around.

In a recent interview with Times of India, the Bharat actress revealed how she likes to keep her parents in the know for what she is doing on the daily and ends up sending them pictures of her shoots, which at times turns her father super awkward, much like ours too. She said, “I know my parents are watching me. They know it’s work, and I am not doing anything wrong. I am sure they are proud of me. Of course, my father feels awkward whenever I send my pictures on the family (WhatsApp) group. After all, he is a father,” Making daddy Patani every Indian father ever!

The actress, who is rumoured to be linked up with Tiger Shroff for quite some time, has a little over 21 million followers on Instagram, one of whom is also her mother who stalks her using a fake name. Disha revealed, “My mother is on Instagram now but with a different name. She stalks me, so I don’t send the pictures anymore.”

This was also the point when I went through my followers on IG just to make sure my mother isn’t pulling the same thing on me. Of course, not having a following of 21 million helped with the screening process. But such reactions out of parents who are definitely proud of her, resonate with every kid and their parents. I guess they aren’t entirely on board when their kids are flaunting what is possibly one of the best bods in the business.

There, there Disha, we feel you! As for her work front, she will be seen starring in Bharat releasing on June 5th, alongside Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.


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