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Disha Patani Shows That She Can Really Dance. If Bollywood Could Get Over Her Looks, They’d Notice

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It was Disha Patani’s birthday yesterday and she had plenty to celebrate. Her movie Bharat just released and her song Slow Motion has people getting off their seats and dancing in theatres (It’s true, she even put up a video on Instagram). The thing is though, even in this song, you can’t really tell much about Disha’s dancing skills. I mean, you can see that she would be able to shake a leg, but not much else. The thing is, this woman can really dance. But since Bollywood is obsessed with looks and if they can use a woman as a prop in a movie instead of giving her something meaty to do, they will.

They will give a Shraddha Kapoor with no real dancing skills to speak of a key role in ABCD 2 but Disha gets sidelined. We say this with so much passion because on her birthday, Tiger Shroff, her rumoured boyfriend put up a video of them dancing on Instagram and boy, can they rock the dance floor.

We always knew Tiger Shroff could dance. I mean, have you seen him in, well, practically all his movies? He will have a number where he will be shimmying away, mostly shirtless to a number that will top the charts.  He’s like Hrithik Roshan but with Salman Khan’s aversion to shirts. But we digress.

What caught our attention was Disha Patani, matching Tiger step to step and with the same amount of enthusiasm. In fact, you see them together and you are in awe. That leg work is fantastic and we are living for it. It probably also helps that Disha is fit as a fiddle often putting up videos of her working out and man, she’s really sweating it out at the gym.

The thing is though, till now, Disha Patani hasn’t got a role that she can really sink dancing feet into. We have seen her in a couple of movies but none of them really explored her dancing talent. In fact, for the most part she’s been seen in blink-and-miss appearances where she is used to add more glamour than anything else. Bollywood isn’t known for offering women great roles to start of it, unless you are a star kid and perhaps this is just one of those things. But hey, maybe she can send this clip around and get something fun?


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