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Disha Patani Doesn’t Like Big Birthday Parties For This Reason. We Can So Relate!

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Actors and celebrities usually have the reputation of doing everything big and loud. But one celebrity who doesn’t fit that bill is Disha Patani, who is usually very shy and quiet. She has a birthday coming up tomorrow and her response to why it’s not going to be a big celebration, will resonate with every introvert out there!

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Disha, who has arguably a bold social media presence, spoke about her comparatively quiet life in an interview.

About her birthday plans, the actress revealed, “I get really awkward with birthdays. You get so much attention with all the calls and messages and then suddenly the next day, you’re like, ‘Oh, whatever! It’s over.'”. She also said, “I will probably just go out for dinner with friends but that’s it,”. As for the question of spending the birthday with rumoured boyfriend Tiger Shroff, she said.”I honestly have no plans. But, I don’t know, let’s see.”

Disha is excited about her birthday though for another reason. “It’s a lucky birthday because I’m shooting,” she revealed. Basking in the success of her recent release Bharat, she revealed, “It was such a positive film and had a good message. I’m so glad that my family liked me in the movie. They were genuinely proud of me, which was the best compliment for me,” “I’ve done only two films so far, so it was a big deal for me.”.

Disha’s reluctance to get decked up and have a big party is all of us with birthdays at the end of the month!


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