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Disha Patani’s Cheeky Way To Handle Trolls Is Quite Heartening And We Could All Learn From Her!

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There used to be a time when people would pick up books or step out in the sun every time they had any free time on their hands. Cut to now, when most of the idle population of our country, and mind you that is a large number, has found another, a more annoying way to pass their time. And that is by trolling others on social media. It is true that their incessant bugging and unsolicited opinions get under the skin a little too quickly, but seems like Bharat actress Disha Patani might just have found a way around them.

In a recent interview, the actress opened up how she handles internet trolling. In a statement, Disha shared, “I laugh over them, I mean they are trolls so they are supposed to be funny right.  So its good to laugh on yourself also sometimes, It’s fine you should not take yourself so seriously also, nobody is perfect. We are making people laugh so it’s good.” And we honestly think this is sound advice. And because so much of it happens, even to us, non celebs, we could learn a few things from her.

Trolling is almost inevitable at this point, and more for the celebrities than the average Indian, because of how public their private lives are made out to be. And there is no limit to the number or the lengths these guys go to hidden behind the anonymity of a computer and making the worst possible use of their internet connection. Their only intention other than to annoy you is to elicit a response and if you laugh at them, then maybe it will stop. Like Disha does.

After all, it is when you stop giving into the constant poking and chaos that these trollers and haters realise there is no point in going after you. And we think this newest starlet of Bollywood has learnt this early. She is accepting, she is funny, she is stunning and we totally dig her for her words too, now. No wonder she has been upping her game in Bollywood , she accepts this as a part and parcel of the acting industry.

As for her next film, she will be seen alongside of Aditya Roy Kapur in Mohit Suri’s next film Malang.


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