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D*ick Pics In My DMs: Teena Singh, Of The Kabir Singh Fame, Reveals Her Reaction To Receiving Pornographic Pictures

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Teena Singh starred in Kabir Singh, the movie that has been panned by women across India for promoting misogyny in what is possibly it’s worst form. But Teena isn’t easily fazed. When I called her to talk about her relentlessly going after the men who send her pictures of their penises, I mentioned that we at Hauterfly have constantly called out Kabir Singh for being the kind of movie that portrays everything that is wrong with society. I was nervous. She’s a star with a huge following, what if she doesn’t want to talk about this because I am being dismissive of her work? I shouldn’t have worried. Teena asked me a question that caught me off guard. She said, ‘If you were an actress and were offered work in a movie with Shahid Kapoor, would you turn it down?’ And when I thought about it, I knew the answer.

She went on to say that her job is that of an actor. It entails making a character come to life, making people believe in this character’s struggles, getting the audience to invest their emotions, time and energy into feeling for this fictitious being. So work is work. Of course, this conversation was not for that at all. I was talking to her because she has been sending screenshots of the phallic pictures she gets to family members of the person who sends them. It’s so clever, we are in awe.

Last week, we talked about how what causes these DMs and it was established that it isn’t anything she does. Oh wait, it is that she doesn’t react to these DMs. She ignores these guys attempting to start a conversation with her and they get enraged, resorting to calling her abusive names and then escalating (!?!) it to dick pics.

So I asked her how she reacts to these. It can’t be pretty to have these turn up in your inbox every day.

“I get about 7-8 dick pics everyday,” Teena says. Initially, she would ignore them. She didn’t have the time to chase these guys down, she says. Now, with the lockdown and no shooting happening, she’s more proactive about the DMs. “Let me tell you this, I am never impressed. I never look at a penis and think this is a guy I want to sleep with.”

I mean, I get it. It’s not like it’s aesthetically pleasing.

So I asked her if she ever looks at one and thinks that’s hot. “It’s never sexy. I don’t know a single person that has gotten laid by sending a dick pic. Because when I get it, I want to throw up.”

Got it, it’s never hot. We can imagine getting revolted by these. But it’s not like a few bad apples ruin the whole lot. Teena says, “There are a lot of boys who genuinely interact with me. They’re fans and people who are related to work and school. It’s very respectful. It’s not creepy. They will send stuff like, ‘I saw your film and you were really good in it.’ ‘I love your style.’ They are  appreciative, nice. They don’t talk about my body parts. And I respond to these.”

Dear men out there, know that celebrities will engage with you, talk to you, respond to you but only if you don’t treat them to reams of footage of your nether regions. Celebrity or not, no one likes those.

Are we clear? Good.

D*ck Pics In My DMs is a four part series with Teena Singh where we talk about everything awful in her DMs and how she’s dealing with it, her advice to other women and much more. Stay tuned. Every Friday. 


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