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Dia Mirza Said Her Work Helps Her Deal With The Pain Of Separating From Her Partner. We Can All Learn From Her.

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It doesn’t get easier, no matter what they tell you. At no age do breakups get easier. Perhaps you get more logical but would that make it easier? Nope. We react just as badly. And when I say badly, I mean listening to heartbreak songs on loop, crying myself to sleep and saving sad quotes that put in to words the void I feel inside. I am generally dramatic, so my heartbreaks weren’t easy. But then – and I don’t know if this is good or bad – I stopped feeling affected by “letting go”. There were breakups but heartbreaks – not so much! Or maybe I learnt to handle things well, or at least put it all under the rug. Either ways, when I see someone handling their breakup with a lot of composure, I respect them a lot because I know what it takes to develop that skill. Dia Mirza, who earlier this year got separated from her husband, has been handling it really well and that calls for a salute.

She had taken to social media to announce the separation in a very dignified manner. “After 11 years of sharing our lives and being together, we have mutually decided to separate. We remain friends and will continue to be there for each other with love and respect. While our journeys may lead us down different paths, we are forever grateful for the bond that we share with each other,” she had written.

Dia Mirza turned 38 today and it’s probably a good time to reflect on the year that went by. The actress opened up about dealing with her separation and what keeps her going. “Any major life change is challenging, painful and difficult but the work is cathartic. This is what helps you grow and keeps your pursuit of happiness alive. And I am fortunate that the kind of work that I do gives me the opportunity to deal with the pain better. I want to just go out there and keep finding my voice and keep empowering myself and others,” Mirza revealed. Dia Mirza has been actively working and didn’t let the pain dull her shine. She is glowing like always and that’s really inspiring.

In fact, she started a new production house called One India Stories. “I chose this name because one means everybody and India has my name. I want to back stories that connect to all of us, bring people together, influence and impact positive change to grow to learn and share that discovery and learning,” she explained the thought behind its name.

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On turning another year older, she was asked if ageing scares her, like it does to most of us. “Look at me, I am only getting younger. I don’t I don’t fear ageing at all, I embrace it. It’s such a wonderful thing to know your mind better and your heart better. It makes you understand life a little better and makes us respond to life because of that understanding. I think if we can keep yourself childlike and full of wonder, active and alive, then you can never get old,” she said.

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