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Dharma Production’s Shoot In Goa Ends With Bags Full Of Trash, Plastic And Sanitary Pads Left Everywhere. This Is Disgusting

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As a country, India has been relatively new to the concept of cleanliness. Oh, we shower daily and all that, but that’s personal hygiene. We are extremely inconsiderate of cleanliness outside of the confines of our home. In fact, it literally doesn’t matter to us. But with the Swachh Bharat Abhayan catching people’s fancy, we thought things would have improved. And they did. And now we do try and not dump things right outside our house and have some sort of respect for our environment.

And lots of stars have been vocal about their support for the entire movement to ensure better cleanliness. Except that while they are keeping their homes spic, span and shiny, clearly this isn’t a philosophy that has percolated down to their shoots. We say this after news has emerged that a recent production schedule that was happening in Nerul in Goa has left tonnes of trash around that area after pack up.

Dharma productions (owned by Karan Johar) was shooting with Deepika Padukone in the gloriously picturesque are of Nerul in Goa. And most locals are welcoming, working around the giant vanity vans plonked in the area that practically made a two way road into a narrow one way. Or how the residents in the area functioned with the equipment, the many people in the area and the general air of commotion that may have prevailed. And while that’s great, what happened after, wasn’t.

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Reports suggest that when the scheduled was packed up, cleanliness took a serious hit. The normally quaint and quiet down had garbage strewn everywhere with cutlery, plastic and what not spilling out of them. The pictures are pretty telling. And it’s also extremely horrifying that someone would treat a beautiful place in this callous manner. A little gratitude would go a long way. And a little cleanliness would go more than that.




Goa Deepika Padukone Trash

Taken from Divya Sharma’s post on the Medium

It was only after the locals complained that it wasn’t picked up for a couple of days and was stinking up the place was it cleaned up. However, isn’t it the responsibility of the production team to ensure that places are not left in a thorough mess after they’ve left from there? Besides safety, shouldn’t cleanliness also be a mandate?

And if reports are to be believed, it wasn’t just plastic but also bio-medical waste such as sanitary napkins were in this steaming heap of trash.

Divya Sharma, a resident of Goa did an entire post on this on Medium and she mentions that “We complained to the Panchayat, they were fined (5K — must have laughed). As I drove by the next morning a man in a non-woven covid precaution gown {the next wave of waste that will hit our planet} stood taking a video of the site {which now was clear of bags} to show he had sorted out the mess. I stopped the car and asked the cleaners if all was okay, in response I got a quivering teary response saying ‘ma’am they have burnt the trash last night and along with it the plastic dustbins are also melted and burnt! You please go and see upper road where they have taken the remaining garbage and lots more all thrown hidden from you’ At this the production person walks up to this poor man and physically intimidates him shoving his forehead in his face. For that brief moment Goa left me and Delhi returned, which sent him scurrying back to his shoot site. I’ll never forget the cleaning mans look of helpless exasperation looking back at his bin zone saying “mein roz mehnat karke itna saaf rakhta hoon, kabhi itna ganda nahi hone diya” He was weeping because his work place had been arrogantly vandalized by people who thought they could buy their way out of anything. I drove to the other site immediately, it was ghastly. A bigger pile, and pouring out of it were plastic one time use thalis used for catering lunch. Till today {a week later} it lies there, with added PPE gowns and masks, while now the production claims they paid 1 lac to the panchayat to ‘deal with it’ so no longer their problem (!)’

And this is just the gist of it, hop over to her post to read about the entire incident.

Cleanliness might not be a top priority for a production house, but it should certainly not be languishing at the bottom of the pile. This is disgusting.

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