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5 Ways To Keep Calm During Your Exams

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Come March, and you can see college students hustling like never before. The word ‘exam’ has instilled a grave amount of fear and finally getting done with that week of late nights, caffeine-filled days, and endless images of notes on our phones is just the best feeling ever.

But you should know that these exams and tests are pretty overrated. They are important, no doubt, but they aren’t the be all and end all of life. If dealt with properly, you can ace these days like a pro and even go about having a normal life rather than drowning yourself in the guilt of not studying earlier.

Check out these easy tips to keep your act together and not go berserk in the coming days. All the best and remember, whatever happens, these exams do not define you and you are SO much more than just a few questions on the paper.


Keep Calm During Exams_Hauterfly

1. Just Breathe

Stop start mocking me already! This is literally just what you have to do to keep calm, trust me. More often than not, when we are stressed, we forget to breathe properly and the tension engulfs us in its embrace. Stop and inhale. Hold it for a few seconds and exhale deeply. You will immediately relax and a solution to that problem you were unable to solve, or the notes you can’t find, will pop up.


Keep Calm During Exams_Hauterfly

2. Take A Warm Shower

A hot shower can make your worries seem small. You can use the time to think, contemplate on life and make important great decisions too. Literally always works.


Keep Calm During Exams_Hauterfly

3. Go For Tea

Instead of coffee to help you stay awake for long hours and, in turn, mess with your sleeping pattern, choose tea. The warm drink will give you the fuzzy feels and help you relax. Go one step further and opt for green tea. It is the simplest calming mechanism.


Keep Calm During Exams_Hauterfly

4. Exercise A Bit

Maybe not a full-fledged workout, but a quick 10-minute exercise session will help increase your concentration. A few sit ups, head rotations, or even a 5-minute meditation session will work wonders.


Keep Calm During Exams_Hauterfly

5. Listen To Music

Music is multi-faceted, and soothing your mind, body, soul are just one of its many uses. Listen to whatever uplifts your mood. But if I have to recommend something, I’d say choose tracks that will give you peace and cut you off from the nonsense of this world, at least for a while. And while you are at it, dance around too!


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