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9 Genius Dental Floss Hacks We Bet You Didn’t Think Of!

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Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching a great movie, but all you can think about is that little piece of kernel from the popcorn you’re eating that’s stuck in your teeth? Thank god for dental floss, right? Besides maintaining oral hygiene, dental floss has so many unusual uses that will make you want to stock up on them ASAP!

Dental floss is extremely strong and barely breaks even though it is super thin. The thinness and strength of the string can be used for loads of things besides keeping your teeth clean.

Here are 9 awesome dental floss hacks we bet you didn’t think of.

1. Loosen a ring

Do not freak out if your ring gets stuck on your finger because your hands are swollen or you’ve gained some weight. All you need is some dental floss to get it off.

2. Remove sticky cookies easily

Baking a perfect batch of cookies can go completely wrong if the beauties get stuck onto the baking tray. But fret not; just slide a piece of dental floss smoothly under the cookies to lift them off gently, and you won’t ruin them at all.

3. Cleaning nooks and crannies

It might get a little difficult to clean the dirt from the grooves on your furniture or from between the keys of your keyboard. Instead of digging your nails into these places, let dental floss come to your rescue.

4. Cutting food

Whether it is a sponge cake or soft cheese, dental floss is strong enough to cut through it all. So the next time you can’t find a knife, dental floss will be your knight in shining armour.

5. Emergency Hair Tie

I’m assuming the rubber band industry works on girls losing their hair ties every hour. If you find yourself in search of a hair tie all the time, then keep some dental floss in your handbag and use it to tie your hair up in those emergency situations.

6. Create a clothes rack

Whether it is to hang a jacket in your car when you’ve forgotten a hanger or to create a clothesline indoors on a rainy day, good quality dental floss is strong enough to hold any item, anytime, anywhere.

7. Fix a dripping tap

If the constant dripping of your bathroom tap annoys you, a temporary solution – before you call the plumber, would be to tie it at the faucet and let the water drip through it.

8. Dental floss is great for sewing

If your shirt button pops and you have dental floss in your purse, just use it to sew it back on! The floss string won’t even be seen on your clothes since it is white and thin.

9. Emergency fix for your glasses

If the lens from your glasses falls out, a strand of floss can help you fix it back on without too much trouble. You can then have the store look at it when you have the time, but for the time being, you’re sorted!


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