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Delhi HC Allows 24 Weeks Pregnant Woman To Terminate Pregnancy

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I strongly believe that women should be able to have complete autonomy over their bodies. Whether it’s about abortion or menstruation or rape, it’s not a matter of public debate. There should not be a board of patriarchal men deciding what is good or bad for a woman and her body. Wouldn’t you agree? But alas, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Although, recently we have started noticing that our legal courts are backing the women as much as possible. So, I guess that’s the next best thing. Recently, the Delhi HC permitted a woman who was more than 24 weeks pregnant to have an abortion because the foetus suffered substantial abnormalities. Whatever your politics and beliefs are about abortion, you have to agree that some cases are an exception. This is one of those cases and we are glad the woman was given the option.

On Tuesday, the Delhi HC permitted a woman who was 24 weeks pregnant to undergo a medical termination of pregnancy (aka an abortion). They came to this conclusion after a medical board report that suggested that this woman’s foetus suffer significant abnormalities which pose a threat to her life.

According to reports, while passing the order, Justice Prathiba M Singh noted that the medical board’s report stated that the procedure was also a risk to the woman’s life considering she was a cardiac patient and was being administered blood thinners. Before granting permission for an MTP though, the judge also spoke to the woman’s husband to ensure he understood the risks. It’s good. The men need to be made aware, though their permission is irrelevant.

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The woman had moved the court in the last week of March. She sought permission to terminate her pregnancy as it was found during a medical examination that her foetus was suffering from facial haemorrhage and hydrocephalus. Thereafter, the court put together a board of doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences to examine her and submit their report about the foetus. In their report, the board said that the abortion procedure was a risk for the women but they recommended a termination of pregnancy as the foetus suffered substantial abnormalities.

It’s no secret that the abortion laws, in our country as well as the rest of the world, need serious revamping but at least we are moving forward. Slowly, more like crawling in the right direction. For too long women have suffered in silence because society always decided for them. We are glad this woman’s plea was heard and she was permitted to abort due to all excessive complications.

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