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Delhi Girl Goes Viral After Dancing To ‘Genda Phool’ In A Saree With A Hula Hoop. Her Video Has Started A #SareeFlow Movement!

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Humour me for a second and try to think back to the last time you did something purely out of fun, without giving a tiny rat’s ass about the ever lurking question of log kya kahenge. When was the last time you ate your heart out, not caring about the mess you make because you were told that was unladylike? Or when was the last time you laughed so loud, you could be mistaken for an uncle doing yoga in the park in the morning, without being cringed at? And while you and I rattle our brains over it, thanks to society conditioning us to align our idea of fun to what is acceptable, Eshna Kutty from Delhi, is having her moment of fun as she prances around and does hula hooping in a goddamn saree! What’s more, her video going viral has kickstarted a #sareeflow movement!

Call it my fetish, or just my pride, but there is something uniquely satisfying about women doing what they love, unapologetically. Be it dressing the way they want, going after what they think is right for them, or like Eshna, seizing the moment and the day to do what their heart tells them—even if it means redefining what it is to be a woman in a saree. There is just something about women claiming their power that gets me going.

And that is the exact sentiment that I, and a number of women, felt when we came across the heartening video of a girl from Delhi who, with one simple video on her social media, has kickstarted what many are now calling the #sareeflow movement on Twitter. With Rekha Bhardwaj’s hit song ‘Genda Phool’ from Delhi 6 running in the background, Eshna laughs, moves and plays with her hoop, and her spirit has left quite a lot of us yearning for a similar kind of freedom and childlike happiness.

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Her initial post on Instagram, went up with a caption that read, “Can one really flex to a song like ‘Genda Phool’ which is all heart tho? This post is primarily to share with you why I put out #sareeflow as a hashtag. It had been on my mind for months, and the intention was not to create the most sensual saree videos, but to feel so comfortable and happy wearing it without the pressure of being a delicate lady.” And that right there, was what left women all over social media inspired to come up with their own version of being ladylike in a saree.

Her post continued saying, “That aside, I wanted to also spotlight Indian hoopers because we’re so few in number but growing so fast. Theres so much diversity in our cultures and even in our sarees that I hoped this trend would add a very unique twist to a global art form. Or visa versa- that you’d want to get yourself a hoop because you secretly want to dress up to goof around. Either case, I think it’s fantastic that you’re doing it anyway and sharing it.”

Within just a few days, as her video made it to Twitter, going viral on the microblogging site, inviting appreciation posts and re-shares from the likes of Anand Mahindra, Barkha Dutt and Eshna’s own mother, who felt proud to have people send her her daughter’s video, saying how it made their Friday a tad better. As it did ours.

Famous journalist Barkha Dutt wrote on Twitter, “Wow. Im in love. for all this video represents. Hope. Youth. Pizazz. Panache. Individualism. Dont give a damn and have fun while you’re doing that. What a lovely daughter you have.” Going viral as #sareeflow movement, several other women have chimed in, some racing a car on a racetrack in a saree, while others dancing along to their own tunes in a saree. Guess, sometimes bringing a change and some happiness is as simple as doing what you love, hoping others will join you in too.

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