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Deepika Padukone Was Being Politely Sarcastic But It’s Cute How The Media Misunderstood It To Be Concern

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I like how in the attempt to cover things faster than the others, some publications completely miss the point. It’s like looking for Kashmir in Kanyakumari – they are not even close to the point. So recently, Deepika Padukone was getting clicked by paparazzi and we all know how excessive they can get. The shutterbugs don’t stop until the celebrity is a mere dot on the horizon! In that moment, she very politely asked the shutterbugs how they don’t get tired! She asked rhetorically, “Aap log thak nahi jaate? And this sent the internet into a fine frenzy and they started singing praises of how she was concerned about media persons.

So I was like ‘wow, what must that be like?’ We’ve known Deepika Padukone to be humble, kind and polite but this I was really trying hard to imagine. Did she like stop by and asked them for chai-coffee? It’s not like they were at her house and she can offer them refreshments. Neither can she ask them to go rest – she is not their boss. Curious, I quickly decided to watch the clip and I couldn’t help but laugh at the exaggeration made. She was being a bit sarcastic but polite is what I feel!

Several stars have responded aggressively in the past and I don’t blame them. Because being constantly followed by paparazzi can get annoying. Plus, a lot of people forget the concept of personal space and code of conduct while at it. For instance, Aishwarya Rai lashed out at media for creating chaos at the NGO Smile Foundation where she was celebrating her late father’s birth anniversary with the NGO’s children. She was angry because the kids were getting intimidated by all this and the media persons over there weren’t paying heed to that. Rishi Kapoor recently scolded the media so many times that he probably reminds every one of their school principal.

So while I respect Deepika’s calm temperament, sorry to burst your bubble but she wasn’t being “concerned”. She wanted you to get out of her face.

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On the work front, Deepika will be next seen in Chhapaak in which she plays the role of an acid attack survivor. She will also be seen alongside hubby Ranveer Singh in ‘83 in which she essays the character of Romi Dev (Kapil Dev’s wife.)

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