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Deepika Padukone Says Cricketers Should Be Asked About #MeToo. We Say Everyone Needs To Be Asked About It!

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There was a time when I’d go out for parties and get-togethers and the only dinner table or over-the-drinks conversations we would have, would be about movies and sports and the weather and of course the occasional who’s who of our social circle. But not so much now a days. Now, whenever I find myself in a social mixer, the topics that are bound to come up in conversation are little more mixed but mainly around politics, crime and well, the updates on the ever important #MeToo movement.Yes, I may be the one leading the talk on the #MeToo movement because I want it to become a conversation at the dinner table at every household. And seems like it’s not just with me, but the dialogue has changed for people across industries, as #MeToo movement continues to trickle down in every conversation, even with celebrities. As has recently been the case with Padmaavat actress Deepika Padukone.

In a recent interview with the actress, Deepika Padukone was questioned about what she feels about the #MeToo movement and if she’s ever had experiences of her own, to which the actress replied with a counter-question, probing why is that no one ever asks that question to cricketers. Deepika said how the phenomenon is not just limited to the film industry, yet only actors are being quizzed about it and never the cricketers. And we sort of do agree with her.

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We, by nature, find ourselves bound to association, linking one thing with only one aspect of the story, and forgetting about the rest. Back in 2018, when Tanushree Dutta headlined the movement in India and it started picking up pace, it is true that among the numerous names of perpetrators that surfaced were from the film fraternity, but there were many more hailing from all walks of life and industries. So yes, when Deepika questions why not others, we too urge for the question to be asked to everyone and not just cricketers or actors.

Of course, who gets asked is just superficial. What’s more important is that someone, anyone talks about it. We no longer can afford to not have an opinion. Having an opinion at this point is of utmost importance, especially when you find yourself in a position of power and influence and can use it to the movement’s advantage. Playing safe is not an option anymore.

Meanwhile, as Deepika on one hand raises an important question, she lightened up our mood with another, by being her candid best when it comes to talking about her husband, Ranveer Singh. At an event, the actress was asked a rather interesting question, “Has Ranveer ever been brave enough to face you in the badminton court?”. Not even taking a second to reply, Deepika instantly said yes and continued by saying , “Yes. Is that a question that I have to answer? I can tell you the score but he (Ranveer) will be very upset. He’s in Hyderabad, he’ll never come back.”

And we couldn’t help but go aww, for once again, the two had given us something to relate to. Deepika tickled everyone’s funny bone with her answer and left us wondering what Ranveer would actually say had he been present.

Not have they just proven how there is probably no one handling their social media accounts apart from themselves, but also that when it comes to love and relationships, we’re all really the same. The two have recently wrapped up the shoot for their upcoming film 83, where Ranveer Singh would be seen playing the role of iconic cricketer, Kapil Dev and Deepika Padukone, his on screen wife.

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