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Deepika Padukone Opens Up About People Making Fun Of Her Accent After Her Debut

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Working in Bollywood is a dream shared by millions of people. And while only a handful actually succeeds, the truth is that our entertainment industry is a wicked place to work. Up until a few years ago, all actresses were subjected to the casting couch. Gender discrimination is still pretty rampant. And actresses are ridiculed, stereotyped and typecasted on a daily basis. Even the topmost ones. For instance, in a recent interview, Deepika Padukone talks about how she subjected to harsh and unfair criticism after her debut movie, Om Shanti Om. People mocked her accent and questioned her capabilities as an actor. Well, I am sure they are all eating their words now. 

In a recent interview with India Today, Deepika Padukone said that after Om Shaanti Om a slew of unnecessary criticisms was hurled at her. They made fun of her accent and said that because she is a model, she can’t act. 

She said, “There was also a section of people who scathingly criticised my work–Oh she is a model. she cannot act: My accent was made fun of. A lot was said and written about me and my craft, and, the truth is, all of it was extremely hurtful. When you are all of 21, this kind of brickbats most certainly affect you.” 


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However, Deepika Padukone didn’t let any of that hold her back. In fact, unlike most of us, she ensured that the criticism “fueled her” to get back out there and do better. She credited her “upbringing and sporting background” to give her the resilience she needed to sail through and use those criticisms positively. 

She added, “Criticism fuels me. It fuels me to work harder, to improve my skills and evolve the various aspects of my craft. More importantly, it fuels my personal evolution. Failure, too, has taught me a lot. I have often been put down, even written off. But I have never been bitter about these experiences. In fact. I am grateful.”  

Despite Deepika’s positive approach to criticism, we can’t deny that Bollywood needs to be more open and accepting. The criticisms and unwarranted comments about her accent are just shameful. And yes, I know that the industry is evolving but we are no farther then we were since Om Shaanti Om first released. 

Bollywood really needs to work on being more accepting and less bitchy.

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