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Deepika Is Indian And She Voted. Can We Stop Spreading Rumours About Her Nationality Now?

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The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections are going on full steam around the country and you would think people would be busy. You know, they have to find out what the candidates have promised, whose ideologies they believe in etc. But instead of that, people seem to have engaged in, as is usually the case in our country, rumour-mongering.

A time when the world is talking about how every vote matters and people should climb out of their beds to cast their vote, there are a certain few who are well, otherwise concerned. For the uninitiated, this is about the questions that have been time and again raised and answered about Deepika Padukone’s nationality. You would think that people would have more pressing issues to attend to, but apparently not.

Rumours have it that she was born in Denmark and held a Danish passport, which further raised questions as to how she be eligible to vote for the Indian elections. Because you know, that is off prime importance, after all. The Padmaavat actress, cleared the air back in 2014, when she said, “I hold an Indian passport… from where do you get this information anyway.” She further went on to comment, “I still have an Indian passport. There’s a lot of complication and I am very much an Indian, a proud Indian citizen.”

But since people found themselves to be rather free this election day, considering it was a holiday and they had nothing better to do, they chose to stir up the same, tired news. Deepika on the other hand, reminded people about her nationality in the best way possible. By showing them the voting finger and this post.

And we suggest, the internet rather take up the actress on her advice, and you know, worry less about her nationality and more about their own.


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