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Dedicated To MJ Akbar, This Woman’s Song Is A Must-Hear For Men Across India

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The #MeToo movement is witnessing its first court case today. MJ Akbar is in court to fight the sexual harassment claims that 20 women have made against him. He has resigned as a Union Minister, stating that he is going to ‘seek justice in a personal capacity’ against these allegations.

He has also sued journalist Priya Ramani. Priya was the first woman to come out against MJ Akbar, categorically listing his sexually predatory behaviour. In turn, MJ Akbar is taking her to court for “intentionally putting forward malicious, fabricated and salacious” claims that harm his reputation.

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Amidst all of this, one woman has composed and performed a song dedicated to Akbar schooling him about consent and sexually-appropriate behaviour. In what she calls a one-minute masterlass in consent, Sukhnigh Kaur manages to make a compelling statement. And honestly, we think all the men of this country (not just MJ Akbar) should give this song a listen because they sure as hell need to could learn a thing or two from it.


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