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#VDAY: Fall In Love All Over Again With These Décor Ideas

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Less than 24 hours left for Valentine’s Day and I don’t need to tell you that whether or not you’re a fan of this day, if you have someone special in your life, there is that little expectation of doing something romantic. All those arguments about ‘every day should be about love and not just once a yea’ are totally valid, but since such a day does exist, might as well make some good use of it, right?

If you have had a time crunch and haven’t yet planned anything, the absolute best thing to do would be to host a party at home. You’ll be surprised at how decorating your space with just a few things can instantly spice up your relationship. And no, you don’t have to indulge in massive splurges, anything from the good ol’ candles to LED letters, a little red here and there, and you’re set. Make a string of polaroid photos and hang them with fairylights, decorate the table with confetti and wine, stick cute notes on the fridge, or hang heart-shaped chart paper cut-outs around the house, and buy some cutesy red velvet cushions or, even better, make one on your own. It just sets the mood for Netflix and chill! *wink wink*

It is okay to go cheesy for once, and trust me, no one will judge you, because no matter how much people say that they don’t care about Feb 14, everyone loves a little pampering. Scroll down and take a look at how people are decorating their spaces to welcome the day of love and get inspired to do the same. Send us pictures of how you did the décor and share your gooey, lovey-dovey ideas, too!














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