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8 Great Ways To Decorate Around Your Television!

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Watching the telly in the evenings or over the weekend is a ritual in almost every home. Families tend to gather around the dinner table with the television switched on, and then convene in the living room to watch a movie or their favourite show together. Since this particular piece of technology is so central to one’s life, isn’t it also important to jazz up the space around it to make it look more inviting?

Styling the space around your television is a big job. It calls for some serious attention to detail. You simply can’t get away with placing your TV on a dark wood desk and adding a light fixture at the top. Be it kitschy little picture frames or vases filled with beautiful flowers, there are plenty of ways you can make the act of watching television an aesthetic experience.

So scroll on to find some serious inspiration to liven up the space around your telly!


Decorate around the tv inpost_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Rain On A Tin Roof

Turn the wall behind your telly into an accent wall with a colour of your choice, then add some colourful frames in the same size around the TV to create symmetry and also brighten up the area.

Decorate around the tv_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Pottery Barn

This particular picture is giving me some major nautical vibes!

TV Decor inpost_Hauterfly

Courtesy: One Kin Design

Tired of all that dust settling around your TV? Here’s the solution! This is a great idea if you love clean minimalism and prefer that your books and other knick-knacks are hidden away from view.

TV Decor in post_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Monogram

How gorgeous are these hexagonal wall frames? This is a great way to add interest to the wall around your telly, especially if you’re not hot on picture frames and the like.

TV Decor inpost_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Ultra Linx

This minimalistic design screams elegance in the most refined way possible!

Decor TV in post_Hauterfly

Courtesy: DIY Playbook

Fill up your wall with some inspiring quotes. You can never go wrong with this one!

TV Gallery decor inpost_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Pottery Barn

What a beautiful way to design a television cover. Don’t you approve?

Tv Decor inpost_Hauterfly

Courtesy: AKA Design

Some sunny yellow blooms and soft green wreaths can do wonders for a drab old space.


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