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10 Easy Ideas To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

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It is a healthy habit to tweak a few things in your homes with every changing season. Firstly, because it is a good thing to keep embracing change and try new things, and secondly, it is always great to be in sync with nature and the way it functions.

And since the sun is shining with all its might, switch things up at home too, to give the season some respect. Yes, I know the heat gets annoying but, on the positive side, these bright and sunny days won’t last long before the gloomy weather sets in! So make the most of it, yeah?

Summer is both about a major pop of colour and subtle pastel hues, so choose whatever suits your personality because, in the end, your space speaks volumes about who you are.

Opt for Bohemian or topical prints, beachy furniture, cute showpieces, and everything that has the potential to keep you fresh and happy.

Take out that diary and start making notes to change things around and, since this weekend is a long one, use your time productively.


1. Colour, Colour, Colour!

This is one of those rare times when you can go all out with colour. Orange, green, yellow, red, and, of course, lots of blue — pick anything from the primary palette and don’t be afraid to be in a rainbow state of mind. Paint that old chair or maybe the ceiling fan? Time to get massively creative and let your inner child take over.


Casa Pop Trunk_Hauterfly

Casa Pop Qila Beguam Large Green Trunk (Rs 29,995)

2. Stack Up Trunks

Summer months are the perfect time to travel, but if for some reason you can’t, let your home bring the world to you. Travel-inspired interiors work best at this time, and what better than some pretty trunks to fill up those dull corner nooks?

Also, they make for great storage spaces and when you stack 3-4 together, the visual result is just lovely.


N Gal Cycle Showpiece_hauterfly

N Decor Decorative Cycle Showpiece (Rs 399)

3. Get Emotional For Showpieces

Buy shelf accessories that make you go ‘awww’. Like legit emotional, tear-worthy, romantic, adorable showpieces that will bring out your mushy side. I know too dramatic, but you get my point!


4. Paint The Town White

Okay, maybe not the whole town, but the darker shades in your room. White is soothing, helps you calm down, and will pretty up the surroundings. The best thing to do is to to paint pieces of wood white, on which you can further spray on some cool quotes.


Summer Decor_Wishing Chair Sea Shells Jewellery Tray_Hauterfly

Wishing Chair Sea Shells Jewellery Tray (Rs 600)

5. Get The Sea Home

If it’s too hot to hit the waves, why not bring the beach to you? Sea shells are garnering popularity as inexpensive décor items. They will up the aura of your home instantly, giving it a summery vibe.

Moreover, you can buy things that look like your childhood joy (we’ve all collected them from our days out on the beach!) and add your own touch to it — think trinkets, jewels, candles, or confetti.


Summer Decor_India Circus lamp_Hauterfly

India Circus Legend Of Cranes Table Lamp (Rs 1,699)

6. Light For The Night

During the day, there may be enough natural light to flood your home, but when the sun goes down, you’ll need quirky lamps and fairy lights to brighten things up.

Go for lamps that have detailed designs and colours that are not brown! Please!


7. Bright Is Right

Now, I know you can’t repaint your home every time the weather changes, but what you can do is change the wallpaper of any one wall in your home to make it stand out.

Bright patterns, leafy prints, mosaic designs — anything that grabs your attention is your summer wall staple.


8. No Such Thing As Too Many Cushions

Two large pillows can make for the perfect nap spot (of course, with a book and ice tea), and since the temperatures outside are intolerable, lazy days are the norm.

Turn down the A/C, get inside the blanket with hundreds of pillows cuddling you, and just forget about the 40 degrees outside. Ah! The life.


Freedom Tree Colour Pop Tea Set-Hauterfly

Freedom Tree Color Pop Tea Set (Rs 3,440)

9. Dress Your Tea In Colour

Yes, I won’t stop talking about colour! And one thing that definitely needs a change is your boring old crockery and cutlery. Keep the fancy stuff for family get-togethers and bring out the quirky stuff to elevate your mood.

Vibrant utensils, a yellow spoon, or even polka-dotted tea set. I mean, just look at them!


Summer Decor_Curtains_hauterfly

Clarke & Clarke Flowy Curtain (Price On Request)*

10. Let The Curtains Flow

Dress your homes in the same way that you dress yourself in flowy, summer dresses this season. Splurge on off-white, pastel, and mint curtains, and let them cool your living rooms.

Bamboo drapes are another option you can opt for to make the most out of this season.

*Available at all stores of Maishaa, across India. 


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