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6 Really Simple Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

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If you live in a city like Mumbai or Delhi, you know what I mean when I say “small space”. For most of us, living in matchbox-size homes comes with the territory of inhabiting crowded metros. And if you’re someone who loves shoes and bags as much as team Hauterfly, you’ll totally relate to this feeling: you know, hesitating to pick up a new pair of shoes only because you know finding space to store it will be nothing short of a nightmare. *sigh*

But, guess what? I’m not the sorts to let inconveniences like that get in the way of my retail therapy binges. So I’ve found the perfect solutions for all your storage problems. Here’s a list of easy hacks that will help you fill up that unused corner in your home or that empty wall that has been abandoned for a while now.


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1. Under The Bed

This one is a classic and you can never go wrong with it. Instead of just throwing things under your bed, invest in boxes or build drawers to organise stuff neatly. A huge amount of clutter will be cleaned up in no time. Plus, it will leave no space for the midnight monsters to reside!



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2. Behind The Door

Who thought the back of your room door or the inside of your closet could one day come in handy for storing things? Nail in a few hooks and hang racks with multiple levels to store small things. Scarves, jewellery, ties — they’re all fair game.



Courtesy: C HOMES

3. Make Use Of Bowls And Decorative Plates

Something that’s been sitting in your kitchen all this while is set to make its debut in the bedroom. Pretty, colourful bowls are an excellent way to store your accessories and pretty baubles. They don’t take up much space and can be kept inside drawers, on shelves, dressers, or even on bedside tables. Trust me, you’ll never lose your precious little earrings ever again!



Courtesy: Home Design Ideas

4. Make Your Own Notice Board

Whether it’s for your workstation or bedroom, make a small notice board where you can pin all your important notes. This will help to declutter your drawers, bags, and desk. Important memos will now be in place! Here’s a cool DIY project for making your own notice board.



Source: Good Housekeeping 

5. Store Things Vertically

Keep this hack in mind the next time you run out of storage space. Vertical storage helps your space look neat and organised. It guides your eyes from the bottom to the top, thus distracting you from the lack of space in the room. To add to this, corner shelves placed vertically are the best storage solutions ever. Stack up your plates, spices, books, or clothes in vertical shelves and see the difference.



Source: Lezoemusings

6. Reuse that shopping bag

Don’t worry, you read this right. The next time you go shopping for shoes, use the shoeboxes to store socks, jewellery or other small knick knack. You can decorate them with funky fabrics or bright paints and sequins and they’ll make for some really pretty storage options!


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