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Pepperfry Loves Your Furniture As Much As You Do!

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Remember that antique wooden closet your grandma would hide treats in? As soon as your mother was out of sight, the cupboard would open up and a colourfully wrapped sweet would be handed over to you. Those cupboards, among other kinds of furniture, were like portals to a magical world — sort of like Narnia!

There are so many other things that have lived in our households long before we were even born. I, for one, remember a wonderfully finished dark wooden open closet in my house that would hold idols, both big and small, of multiple gods and goddesses. The idols would shine promisingly against the dark wood as we said our prayers. Unfortunately, because of the inevitable wear and tear, that darling old closet had to be taken apart and given away. Being the sentimental old fool that I am, it hurt me to watch that generations-old closet being sent away. There were so many memories attached to that piece of furniture.

If you can even remotely relate to what I’ve been waxing eloquent about, here’s some great news. Pepperfry, one of India’s largest online furniture stores, empathises with people like you and me and has come out with a delightful new solution — furniture restoration!

With this great new option, casting away old furniture you love is no longer necessary. Pepperfry will lovingly restore your old chairs, desks, and more and turn them into the beautiful pieces they once were. Re-structuring them, giving them a new lick of paint, polishing them and giving them back their lustre are just some of the many services on offer. This first-of-its-kind initiative entails the following services — repair, conservation and finish restoration. They also reinforce furniture parts, help preserve the original finish and materials, and enable re-emulsification of the original finish.

In layman’s terms, they’re like fairy godmothers to every single piece of furniture you own!


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