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Transform Your Home With Pantone’s Colour Of The Year — Greenery

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Every year, we wait for Pantone to announce the Colour of the Year, and while last year the hues were all about subtle blues and pinks, this year it is rather bold. The colour authority has gone for the green this time round, and have named it ‘Greenery’. We’re a little disappointed with that name, yes, but when you look at the reason behind the decision, it makes sense. The fantastic year that 2016 was *insert sarcasm here*, full of stress and hatred, this colour has been chosen to calm us down. Green is associated with rejuvenation and bringing about a change, and it is a humble step to ensure that 2017 is not a train wreck. Giving subtle hints to some major political people, Pantone just earned a lot of brownie points.



Now, when it comes to fashion and beauty, the colour is a little tricky to pull off, unless it is the military pants or the army jacket (but we make it easier for you). Décor, on the other hand, is a different ball game altogether. Usually, all you’ll see in a home when it comes to green interiors is a cushion here and an odd plant there. It is a colour that stands out, is noticeable, and immediately catches the eye. So you have to be extra careful while styling your homes with it. But that said, when teamed with whites, blues, and gold, this colour has the power to really turn a space around. A printed couch, traditional embroidered lamps, light shade curtains, a little stool on the side, or a wall painted green — there is so much you can do with this happy colour, as long as it’s in the right proportion! You don’t want your home to look like Shrek’s cave, now do you?

To get you started in the journey of giving your space a green makeover, first sip on some healthy green tea with a dash of lemon, and then scroll down to look at these stunning Instagram posts that will give you just the inspo you need.












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