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3 Cool Stationery Brands We’re Crushing On Right Now!

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No matter how old you are, you can’t not be fascinated with stationery. Pretty stationery is like a cupcake, you can never have just one. I’m 24 and I’ve loved stationery ever since I was a little child, breaking pencils and eating erasers. (Don’t judge!)

Whether you’re in college or part of the office crowd, you definitely want to funk up your space with pretty stuff be it at home or at work. There are so many cool Indian stationery brands out there today that I’m going to have to do a separate post just to list them all out. But for now, I’m focussing on three new-ish brands I’ve come across lately that are creating just the most amazing things! Besides gorgeous planners and calendars, these new-age stationery brands also have gift bags and customised stamps among other things. As much as I love Tappu Ki Dukaan and the amazing quality that Rubberband has to offer, it’s time to move on to other chic products and these 3 brands promise you just that and more.

1. WoodGeek

As the name suggests, the brand primarily creates stuff made out of wood. Be it journals and pens, or even phone cases and sunglasses, trust me you’ll want to carry these things around everywhere to show them off. Personally, I love their sunglasses even though they aren’t technically stationery. While you must’ve seen wooden stationery before, the guys at WoodGeek work with everything from charcoal wood to bamboo to create all that unique stuff. Check it out some of my favourite things from the store below.



The Retro Charcoal Bamboo Sunglasses (Rs 3,499)


The Journeyman Brown Bamboo Sunglasses (Rs 2,999)



Bamboo Notebook (Rs 799)



Inlay Rosewood Walnut Maple iPhone Case (Rs 1,199)



Classic Walnut Wood iPhone Case (Rs 1,199)


2. Once Upon A Flutter

Once Upon A Flutter is your go-to place for quirky and fun stationery. They’re pretty minimalistic compared to Chumbak and Happily Unmarried, and that’s what makes them stand out, IMO. You’ve got to check out their heart stickers, they’re available in three different colours and are super adorable. From journals, notebooks, stamps and greeting cards, these guys have it all covered.



On The Go Notebook Set (Rs 1,650)



Gold Heart Stickers (Rs 275)



Happy Set Cards (Rs 1,695)



Century Custom Stamp (Rs 3,600)



Bucket List Notebook (Rs 1,565)


3. 3The Papier Project

The Papier Project is for everything pretty and feminine. Head on over if you’re looking for pretty bows, gift wrapping paper, stationery gift sets, and lots more. Their anchor gift set is so pretty, and you won’t be able to cap your shopping cart at just a few things. The stationery lover in you is in for a treat, girls, not kidding!



The Anchor Notebook (Rs 1,200)



Fly High Gift Bag (Rs 250)



Dessert Tasting Stationery Gift Set (Rs 2,500)



One Tough Cookie Greeting Card (Rs 200)



Minion Bookmarks (Rs 350)


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