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10 Ways To Give Your Home A Minty Makeover

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Since we’ll all be spending some quality time at home in the coming months, courtesy the blazing heat outside, right now is a good time to indulge in some home beautification. Change around a few things and give your space a new vibe.

Since it’s summer, you can either go for a floral touch or opt for another trend that has been big on the circuit for a while — mint!

While colours can bring about a drastic change to the aura of your home, you need be careful with them and not use too many loud and bold colours — you know, to avoid making it look like a child threw paint all over it. Pastel shades, on the other hand, work better. And the king of those hues (at least for me) is mint. The light blue-green shade brings about a sense of calm and creates a magically soothing effect.

Plus, for those of you who were unhappy with the Pantone Colour Of The Year being greenery, this shade might change your views.

Just like how mint transforms our food and drinks with its freshness, the pretty colour has the same power to add a bit of zing to our spaces. A little dash of mint and your room instantly looks better.

Change the boring steel utensils in your kitchen with minty ones; get cushion covers in the colour; a small stool that you can hand paint; some quirky coasters in mint to break the brown of the dining table; a white and mint striped rug that will be the centre of attraction; and so on.

A soft, delicate, and fun colour to play with, all you need is a little bit of imagination! And for that, scroll down to get your creative juices flowing.















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