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6 Easy Ways To Add Minimalist Touches To Your Home

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A 2016 decor trend that is going to get bigger this year is minimalism. Whether it was fashion or beauty, everything spelled “less is more”. And less doesn’t mean cheap, nor does it mean budget-friendly. It is the art of using fewer things to make your space look beautiful. If you are someone who hates clutter, I suggest you try these tips on how to change the decor of your home to look more minimal. An open plan makes you more oragnised, and gives you some much-needed breathing space. Scroll down to see how a handful of furniture or the right shade of paint can uplift your space and make everyone who is a guest at your place go, “Wow!”


Minimalist Decor Tips_Hauterfly

1. Invest In Quality

Minimalistic designs always give preference to quality over quantity. So, whatever decor items you pick, make sure that they are classy, have a luxurious touch, and gives your home an elevated feel. If it has to be less, it has to be amazing.


Minimalist Decor Tips_Hauterfly

2. Select One Statement Piece

Choose one item that will stand out and keep everything else in you room subtle. It can be a statement chair, cupboard, cushions on the couch, a coffee table, or even one side of your wall. Whenever anyone looks at your space, that one thing should catch their eye first, so be sure that it is worth it.


Minimalist Decor Tips_Hauterfly

3. Accents Are Bae

Vases, showpieces, clocks, teapots help the minimalist aura stay intact. These little things add a pop of colour to the room when there is sparse furniture. It is best for those who have just shifted homes or are living alone.


Minimalist Decor Tips_Hauterfly

4. Go For Earthly Tones

Loud and bold colours look good on your lips but if it is your home, keep it simple, silly. Pastels, neutrals, and earthy shades are your best friends in this case. Grey is another option that works wonders for such designs.


Minimalist Decor Tips_Hauterfly

5. Be Mindful Of Detailing

When designing a minimal home, keep in mind that you don’t fill it up with items that have a lot of details and textures. Stick to one element, maybe tiles or lines, but avoid mixing them together.


Minimalist Decor Tips_Hauterfly

6. Plants Are Magic

Every house should have plants. Whether they’re small or big depends on your space. Plants are vital to keeping your home fresh, and they just make the surroundings look gorgeous.


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