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9 Kitchen Essentials That Are As Cute As Taimur Ali Khan!

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Gone are the days when a box of chocolates or a bouquet would be acceptable. An Instagram post declaring your love? Maybe! But if your BFF is one of those who’s crazy about cooking, or thinks her kitchen is the best part of her home… we have the perfect finds for her.

From a cow butter dish to a little house to store your garlic, she probably wouldn’t realise she needs these cutesy kitchen essentials in her life until she sees them! Plus, there are never enough cute things one can own, no?

How we see it: If you can’t have Taimur Ali Khan in your life, you might as well splurge on these kitchen beauties.

P.S. Nothing is cuter than Taimur. NOTHING.

Kitchen Essentials_Hauterfly

Krazy Mug Chalti Ka Namm Gadi – Tapri Glasses (Rs 1,450)


Kitchen Essentials_Hauterfly

King International Spotted Dice Ceramic Salt N Pepper Shaker (Rs 399)


Kitchen Essentials_Hauterfly

Value Every Idea Miniature Wooden Magnets (Rs 275)


Kitchen Essentials_Hauterfly

The Wishing Chair Buttons Coasters (Rs 800)


Kitchen Essentials_Hauterfly

Uncommon Goods Cat Egg Mold (Rs 648)


Kitchen Essentials_Hauterfly

The Wishing Chair I Heart Tea Canister (Rs 850)


Kitchen Essentials_Hauterfly

Uncommon Goods The Cow Butter Dish (Rs 3,893)


Kitchen Essentials_Hauterfly

Uncommon Goods Garlic Storage House (Rs 1,298)


Kitchen Essentials_Hauterfly

Chumbak Regal Elephant Round Tray (Rs 1,495)


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