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5 Innovative Ways To DIY Pillows On Your Own!

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Pillows have seen us go through a lot. They hold our tears when we cry, become our punching bags when we are in the mood to kill someone, or simply hug us back when we need it. For me, they’re like my fluffy buddies! Pillows have the potential to change the way how your room looks and feels. And like I always say, there’s nothing better than DIY-ing something that makes you really happy!

Scroll down to find 5 interesting ways to make pillows that are bound to make you smile and are really pretty to boot! All you need is some fabric and a hot glue gun to DIY them.


1. Donut & Cupcake Pillows

For the girl who loves all things sweet, how about a pillow that looks like your favourite dessert? This video will teach you how to make it exactly. Sweet dreams, literally!


2. Emoji Pillows

Emojis are everywhere! And now they’re set to attack your bedrooms too. Choose your favourite ones and get ready to turn them into your new favourite cuddle buddies.


3. Picture & Quote Pillows

This video shows you how to really customise your pillow. You can print your favourite images or even quote that inspire you. It’s completely up to you how you want to personalise them. These make great gifts too.


4. Paw Pillows

How cute does that sound? Animal lovers, rejoice! The video above will show you how to make a paw-shaped pillow within minutes. Make one for your pets to chill on too!


5. Giant Plush Pillow

This method is slightly different than the rest, and a bit more time-consuming, but the outcome is super cute. Also, my colleague says that no one can say no to a giant-sized pillow. So that’s that!

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