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#HauteSpaces: Colour Craft Studio’s New Office Has Amazing Written All Over It!

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Who doesn’t love a pretty home/work space? I know the answer to that one. So now, every week, I will go in search for the most stunning indoor spaces in our country that will inspire the inner decorator in you. Unique, colourful, or quirky, these photo stories are sure to leave you spellbound, like mouth-hanging-open spellbound. If you know or use a space that fits the description, ping me and we can chat! It can be anything from a home to an office, a studio to a restaurant — if it is fun, I’m game!  

Colour Craft Studio opened its doors in 2009 in Mumbai and Bangalore, vouching to be the best digital agency that our country has ever seen. Armed with a young and dynamic team, they started this journey that was going to be full of adventures. And taking them one step closer to their success was the revamp of their Mumbai office. You need an inspiring workspace to be creative, right? That’s what their office is all about — a place where employees can be creative, have fun, work hard and party hard!

The task was to find a space in a city like Mumbai — we all know how difficult is that! It’s a miracle that they found one in Prabhadevi, bang centre of the metropolitan, with high ceilings and spacious rooms. This is one office that can totally be mistaken to be a lounge! I mean, they have a foosball machine, for crying out loud! The brief was to keep the whole feel of the space as minimalist as possible. And they achieved that, all in two months.

An unfinished brick structure with open pipes running along the walls welcome you, giving you the idea that it’s a work in progress — exactly what the creative leads of the company had envisioned. The use of long windows has created an illusion of the space. The best part? They involved each and every employee in the process of building this office. After carrying out the survey, they shortlisted a few things that were common and, voila, the décor was done. Long community tables, movable black and white boards, hooks under tables to hang bags, a game area, funky showpieces, a conference area that doubles up as a bar — they got it all!

While the co-founder and creative director, Ankit Jain, supervised this process, space stylist Bhavini Johar added the much-needed aesthetic feel to it. She ransacked Chor Bazaar and bought the quirky décor items that jazzed up the office, making it look like more like a cafe! Check out this simple yet gorgeous space of CCS (as they are fondly called) that sort of reminds you of movie The Intern. (How good was Anne Hathway in it?)

Colour Craft Studio Community Area_Hauterfly

Community Area


Colour Craft Studio waiting Area_Hauterfly

Waiting Area With Vibrant Seatings


Colour Craft Studio Photo Frames_Hauterfly

Photo Gallery



The Working Area



Community/Work Area




Open Pipes Lining The Walls



The Central Area Lined With Cabins


Colour Craft Studio Lighting_Hauterfly

Quirky Street Lights



Strategy Area That Doubles Up As A Lounge Area



Sofas With Funky Cushions



Where The Bosses Sit






Much-Needed Creative Company



Plants To Keep The Surroundings Fresh



The Shelf That Inspires Them to Do Their Best


Colour Craft Studio Office Decor_hauterfly

Office Décor


Colour Craft Studio Office Quotes

Motivational Quotes


Colour Craft Studio Plants_Hauterfly

Hanging Plants


Colour Craft Studio Polaroids_Hauterfly

Polaroids Are A Must!


Colour Craft Studio Light Switchboard_Hauterfly

Innovative Switchboard


Colour Craft Studio Lighting_Hauterfly

Quirky Street Lighting


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