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#HautePicks: The #HauteSquad Picks Out Some Cutesy Stationery

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As we’ve mentioned before, the #HauteSquad is a bunch of stylish girls who love all that’s fashion, beauty, and sassy. We’re constantly sharing our latest buys and obsessions with each other, and now, we’re letting you into our HQ too! Every week, Team Hauterfly will share its current obsession — and tell you where you can buy it too! #BFFGoals. 

While the #HauteSquad is a stylish lot, constantly ooh-ing and aah-ing about fashion trends and beauty products, we’re also a bunch of nerds. Show us colourful post-its or even a cool pair of scissors, and we’re floored. Yeah, we know, sounds lame, but what can we say? STATIONERY! So as a tribute for our love for things geek chic (yes, we’re calling it that), we present to you our fave stationery and desk products. If our tastes matches yours, we suggest you send in your pictures STAT!


Haute Pick_Planner_Hauterfly

12-Month 2017 Planner

This Los Angeles-based brand has some of the funnest stationery and accessories I’ve ever come across. Part of the reason why I love ban.dō is because it appeals to the little girl inside me — the one who loves pink things and bright, happy doodles! The I am Very Busy, Carnation Planner is perfect for those of you who like making daily To-Do Lists in pretty books. This one comes in a laminated matte pink hard cover with a gold wire band closure. But the best part is that it comes with two whole pages worth of seriously FUN stickers to decorate your pages with! *cue heart eyes emoji*

— Zahra Khan, CEO & Editor-In-Chief
SHOP NOW: 12-Month Planner (Rs 1,340 approx)


Briefcase Visiting Card Holder_Hauterfly

Briefcase Visiting Card Holder

My grandfather was a hyper-organised man. My *slight* OCD and love for stationery was inculcated by him from a young age. Before the beginning of the school year, we would sit together on the floor of my study room and cover all my books. Also, he carried a briefcase to work every day. So when I was looking for some fun stationery to indulge in for the season, I stumbled upon this adorable little briefcase visiting card holder — and all those memories came rushing right back. Do you see how cool I would look at an event, taking out a visiting card from this tiny little briefcase and handing it over to someone? I’m sold.

— Baishali Chatterjee, Managing Editor
SHOP NOW: Briefcase Visiting Card Holder (Rs 600)


Kitty Party Notebook_Hauterfly

Kitty Party Notebook

I love handwritten notes — still. Call me old-school, but there’s something very personal and irreplaceable about having a personal notebook. Which is why this totally cool Kitty Party Epic Notebook is all things LOVE! It’s quirky and has ruled pages, which makes life of an OCD (when it comes to formatting!) person so much easier. This is my bedside table’s perennial accessory.

— Aindrila Mitra, Managing Editor
SHOP NOW: Kitty Party Notebook (Rs 250)


Happy Planner Inspiration Cards_HAuterfly

Inspirational Planner Cards

I’m a huge stationary buff! I LOVE my fancy pens and pencils, and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. While there is a planner in my phone, I like to go old-school ever so often, and jot down the important stuff in this planner that doubles up as my personal cheerleader. I adore the motivational quotes that goad me to keep going and stay focused.

— Snehal Fernandes, Head of Video Content
SHOP NOW: Inspirational Planner Cards (Rs 1,778)


Feline Bookends_Hauterfly

Feline Bookends

So my intense love for the feline kind has probably been pretty established by now, with everyone sort of thinking that I am on my way to turning into cat lady (no, I haven’t forgotten — I am leaving out the ‘crazy’ on purpose). I love anything that involves cats and these bookends put two of my fave things together — literally! The stretching cats bookend is so adorable and will instantly light up my stack of favourite reads. I mean, even a dog person is going to find this totally adorable, right?

— Tatiana Dias, Fashion & Beauty Writer
SHOP NOW: Feline Bookends (Rs 2,805)


Owl Stapler_Hauterfly

Owl Stapler

If I am anything, it is a stationary junkie! From glow-in-the-dark markers to funky paper clips, I am a proud owner of everything quirky. Instead of buying clothes, I end up spending my salary on journals. So naturally, my Diwali bonus will be spent on something that satisfies my inner DIY insect. Enter Cooliyo, a great website for curated stationary products, and this owl stapler from there just won my heart! Vibrant and colourful, exactly like me!

— Japleen Kaur, Lifestyle Writer
SHOP NOW: Owl Stapler (Rs 250)


Woodless Colour Pencil_Hauterfly

Woodless Colour Pencils

I’ve recently re-discovered my obsession with colouring books and my weapons to beat stress are these gorgeous colouring pencils from Koh-i-noor. It’s made with lead and strong lacquer, which translates to a subliminal colouring experience.

— Farozan Dossani, Social Media Editor
SHOP NOW: Woodless Colour Pencils (Rs 2,716)


Things to do chalkboard_Hauterfly

Things To Do Chalkboard

I can’t function without my to-do lists on a daily basis, and my pretty journals are too cute to be scribbled on. And hence, this pretty chalkboard comes to my rescue. It comes with a magnet on its cover so all I need to do is place it on my desk and I’m good to go. And with this adorable little chalkboard, I won’t need to hunt for my daily motivation every morning, either. *Yay*

— Meghana Choraria, Social Media Executive
SHOP NOW: Things To Do Chalkboard (Rs 550)


Stationary Tower_Hauterfly

Stationary Tower

Stationery Tower is so useful to keep all your stationery in one place, so that you can find what you need easily when you really need it. I love how this helps keep my desk neat and clean, too. It’s definitely a must-have for those who love different kinds of stationery.

— Divya Wable, Junior Graphic Designer
SHOP NOW: Stationery Tower (Rs 600)


Bollywood Playing Cards_Hauterfly

Bollywood Playing Cards

For me, stationery is not to use, but to collect, keep, show off, and to look at whenever I need some creative inspiration. Believe it or not, I’ve mastered the skills of DIY — even boring things can be made into something special. And my partner in crime? Cool stationery. Such as my pick this time. It’s not just Bollywood-themed playing cards, but has personalised doodled designs, too. Kudos to Chumbak — it’s these cool designs that make their stuff the apple of my eye.
— Mansi Chouksey, Graphic Designer
SHOP NOW: Bollywood Playing Cards (Rs 225)

Lady Bug Gift Tags

This set of gift tag sets is just so sweet! I’m sure my daughter will love the bright colours if I give her one of these. It’ll definitely make her smile, so this one is definitely one of my favourite stationery pieces.
— Pranita Sawant, Graphic Designer

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