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Get The Look: Twinkle & Akshay’s Royal Dining Room

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Bollywood gives us style and beauty inspo, almost every day, and there is no doubt that we cannot survive without their on-point fashion sense. But they also have equally stylish homes that have the ability to make jaws drop. Yes, they have the money to be extravagant, but taste and class are far more important qualities to have when it comes to designing home that look like art spaces. And living in one such gorgeous home is the power couple that has been in the news recently (for all the right reasons), Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar. Twinkle, who is an interior designer by profession, has created elements in her house that reflect the couple’s personality. What caught my fancy, though, was their simple yet classy dining space.

Their sea-facing villa in Juhu has a garden in the backyard that keeps the space lively and fresh. The dining area has the view of this garden thanks to floor-to-ceiling french windows, which also allow plenty of natural light to stream in. Instead of glass or luxury bone china crockery, the stars have gone for the Kansa dinner set. Kansa is bronze that is handmade by tribal craftsmen, giving it an authentic Indian touch. Dieticians across our country recommend the use of this metal for our meals and given how health-conscious Akshay is, it was a match made in heaven.

With that dinner set and the crystal candelabra, the space looks straight out of a king’s palace. The combination of the brown dining table with metallic finish, and the beige Barcelona style chairs comes together beautifully. The flowers in the centre break the monotony of the brown and metal hues, saving the place from looking too heavy. In short, it’s an elegant dining space, where conversations over food will be ones that we would like to be part of.

And guess what, you can recreate this space in your own home! Just add the following products and dine like a celebrity. Okay, the garden view is on you, but we’ve sorted you on the rest.






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