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#AskHauterfly: Different Types Of Blanket To Beat The Indian Winter

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Winter is slowly creeping in and you can feel the little chill in the air. Okay, I feel colder than most people in Mumbai do — my friends from the North laugh at me when I turn up to work in a sweater. Hey, not going to die just because it’s not cool enough for others! But there are parts of India that absolutely freeze over, and on such days, all you want to do is snuggle in with a hot cup of chocolate, cocooned in your cozy blanket. You know, it is a task to get out of ’em every morning, and the ones who do, are termed as the real heroes.


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Blankets — the word itself sounds so cute that you can immediately picture yourself in one. Keeping the rest of your imagination at bay, did you know there are different types of blankets and each one has unique name? Before you shop for this winter essential, read this guide and choose the perfect blanky, according to your needs and requirements. Apart from the usual woollen ones, there are a few others that need to be recognised. Call it a quilt or a comforter, it’s about time we show this magical invention some love — after all, it does give the best hugs!


1. Fleece Blanket

The cheapest and most common version of a blanket, fleece means lightweight polyester. It is great for not-so-cold regions like Mumbai. Soft and easy to clean, they can be used in the car or thrown over a couch, whatever you fancy. Mostly found in subtle, solid colours, they are best if you are staying alone and not looking for anything fancy. They have the ability to absorb moisture and keep the area dry. (Uhm!)


2. Duvet Covers

Duvets are basically bags filled with wool or feathers, and can be used in place of regular quilts. They are way warmer and can be used as bedspreads too. In fact, most high-end hotels use them. Duvet is a french word that means ‘down of a bird’. A down is the tougher, which is the finest part of the bird, whose feathers are used in such blankets. So, if temperatures really drop in your area, we’d suggest this one. This is the reason most mountaineering jackets are also called duvets.


3. Sherpa Blanket

This one is definitely one of the more luxurious kinds that you will find in the house of a Page 3 celeb, sprawled out on the sofa from Italy. There use is usually limited to being a décor item, as they are a tad heavy to wrap yourself around with. Nonetheless, they are made of soft fleece and mink, which is a Korean rich fabric, mixed together.


4. Cotton Printed

The lightest of all, cotton blankets can be used all year long and are undoubtedly the most comfortable. They are the most common choice of blanket and, frankly, they are a safe bet. Cannot go wrong!


5. Dohar

Traditionally a summer blanket, it is now widely used in regions like Maharashtra, especially in the afternoons, to keep cozy. You can easily identify one, as it has 3 layers, made out of a special type of cotton called muslin. The middle and trim parts are block-printed, while the outer layer is kept plain. Dohars are colourful and vibrant, and make for excellent, housewarming gifts. (Get it?)


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