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10 Desks On Instagram That’ll Give You #Workspiration

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Carrie Bradshaw got it right when she was buying a new desk in the Sex And The City movie. “If I find the desk, the writing will come,” she said to Charlotte while redecorating her apartment. And if Carrie says it, it must be true! We’re all used to working those long 9-to-5 jobs, which usually extend to a few extra hours every other day. Some of us even work from home. But one thing that really makes a difference when it comes to a desk job is exactly that — the desk.

Not only does it define your personality, it could impact the quality of your work too. Think about it: a cluttered desk with leftovers, used tissues, unopened letters, can be quite distracting. I believe, like Carrie, that if the desk is neat, organised, and functional, the work will be done in no time at all.

Now, what better place to get some desk inspiration than Instagram, right? So I scrolled until my fingers begged me to stop and found 10 desks to give you some serious #workspiration!

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1. The Desk With A View

So what if your window seat doesn’t look exactly like this one? If your desk is as good looking, you won’t have eyes for anything else anyway.


2. Organised Chaos

There’s a difference between a mess and organised chaos. When it’s organised, you know exactly where everything is and how to get to it. When it’s just a mess, you spend half your day trying to figure out where your to-do list is in the first place.


3. The Art Deco Pick

Wrought iron and statement decor — if you’re not getting more than you need to get done on this desk, I don’t know what will help. It’s gorgeous!


4. The Pink Explosion

Sure it looks like a unicorn threw up here, but it’s still great for inspiration. Pick your favourite colour and make sure all your desk accessories match.


5. The Thrift Shop Find

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, and when it comes to a desk like this one, that statement can’t be truer! Organise your desk with pieces from thrift shops for that old school vibe.


6. The Minimal Desk

Keep only the things you really need on your desk and put the rest away in cabinets. There will be less clutter, and this way you have all the space you need to really get down to business.


7. The Tree-Hugger’s Desk

Want to feel close to nature but still have to be plugged in? Surround yourself and your desk with potted plants to keep that greenery with you while you work.


8. The Fashion Girl’s Favourite

Like a nature lover needs to be close to her plants, a fashion girl’s desk needs clothes around it. Place a rack next to yours for some extra closet space and inspiration.


9. The Insta-Wall

Set up a bunch of frames on the wall above your desk. Every month, you can print out your favourite Instagram photos and put them up. Keep rotating these and it will feel like a new desk every time.


10. The Foolproof One

If all else fails, try a big, colourful bouquet of flowers. A pretty bunch can perk up any desk and put you in a good mood to power through the day with a smile on your face!


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