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10 Ways You Can Tweak Your Home Décor To Welcome 2017

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We are all charged up, with our resolutions in place and tasks to focus on, and have stepped into the new year with hope and fervour. And to bring about a significant change, our surroundings need to be in sync too. This means that just a few changes here and there in your home, and it’ll feel brand new but with same warm vibes. Also, it gets boring to go back to the same old space, every day, right?

Here are a few simple and inexpensive tips and tricks to get your home 2017-ready. In fact, since you partied last weekend, spend time at home this weekend and give it a slight uplift.


1. Frame Just About Anything

If your wall is showing some cracks or losing colour, hide it away with frames. There is nothing new in framing your photos, so frame random comics, pictures of cute dogs, landscapes, or even the scenery you drew in 4th Grade art class! A pretty frame can up any wall. And instead of purchasing one, go back to candy sticks to make your own photo frame!


2. Change The Pillows And Duvets

Just by changing the bedsheets or the pillow covers, your whole room will feel different. Try prints, geometric patterns or plain greys, for starters.


3. Replace The Lampshade

Nope, not asking you to buy a lamp — instead, purchase a lampshade and change your old lamp into a brand new one! How simple is that?


4. Dress Up The Coffee Table

Tired of the coffee table book trend? Me too. Spice up the table with a tray and place a few trinkets on it or a kettle or even a box of green tea. Choose your style and start decorating.


5. Add A Band To The Curtains

Make your curtains stand out by tying them up with a band. Now, most of them come with one, but chuck them out and try something new. Wrap a printed tie, some fancy ribbons, an old cloth, or even jute ropes around them.


6. Buy A Rug

It is always a good idea to invest in a good quality, good looking rug. Buy a small one and place a piece of furniture on it. It will instantly transform and add character to your space.


7. Throw In Some Colour

Brighten up your plain white walls or the mundane dining table with a dash of colour. Paint one chair or all of them, colour the drawers, splash some on the empty wall — in short, go mad with paint.


8. Go Green!

It is the year to go all Shrek and the best way to do that is buy plants. Firstly, it goes with 2017’s theme and secondly, plants will add that much-needed freshness to our cramped city homes.


9. Lower The Furniture

Low furniture has been quite the trend for a while now, and this year, it’ll only get bigger. So just buy the mattress, throw on some covers, and light the room with fairy lights — done!


10. Rearrange Things!

This one’s too easy — simply change the location of a few things around the house and see what a difference it can make. Bring your bedroom’s side table to the living room, shift the couch inside, use kitchen plants as centrepieces, and so on! It can’t get cheaper than this.


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