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5 Décor Mistakes You’re Making, And How To Fix Them!

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There is nothing quite as exciting as moving into a new house. The process of turning that house into a home is more fun, no? From choosing the perfect furniture to obsessing over shades of paint, we all put our heart and soul into designing our homes for they are expressions of who we are.

But if you’re designing your home by yourself, there are probably a couple of things you’re doing wrong. It’s natural to do this unless you’re an architect or an interior designer, of course! These decor mistakes are pretty common and you might not even recognise them as mistakes in the first place. But don’t stress. We’re here to show you what those mistakes are and tell you how to fix ’em. Shall we get to it?


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Courtesy: BG Living

1. Matching Everything

Some people have an OCD where they absolutely have to match all their furniture. By this, we mean that if the couch is pink, so are the curtains, the rugs, the cabinets and the pillows. This makes the room look a little odd, to be honest. Besides, designing with only one hue will make rooms look awfully dull.

Solution: Blue may be your favourite colour but don’t go overboard with it. Veer away from your favourites for a second. Use some nice and bright statement pieces in the room instead of just one solid colour. It’ll make things look more interesting.


2. Too Formal

Many of us with spacious homes make this one mistake — making rooms look stuffy and formal. Antique drawers, overstuffed armchairs, boring old carpets, all make for an overly formal and formidable environment. If you have a room that looks like this, you might want to know that no one will feel comfortable there. They’ll all be worried about dirtying the carpet or ruining a silk-lined cushion! If you want your guests to feel welcome in your home, this kind of decor needs to go!

Solution: Style your rooms to look warm and inviting. Don’t settle for too many antiques or a lot of furniture from a bygone era. Go for comfortable couches, pretty curtains, soft throw pillows. This will prevent your home from looking like something out of the Victorian era and bring it back into this century!


Decor Mistakes inpost_Hauterfly

Courtesy: HGTV

3. Too Many Photo Frames

You know what I’m talking about! We all know about that one wooden table or dresser that somehow becomes the carrier for dozens of photo frames! Nothing screams “Grandma’s house!” as much as a desk cluttered with too many pictures.

Solution: Ditch the clutter. Go for a photo collage on your wall instead. It’ll add a nice contemporary touch to the room apart from making it look super sophisticated.


Decor Mistakes inpost_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Draw Home

4. Too Many Cushions

Yes, I know. Cushions are the most comfortable creations EVER. But let’s not get carried away. You can’t have cushions lining every nook and corner of the room, can you? Some people make the mistake of piling up a sofa with dozens of plump cushions. If you do this, you’re going to lose out on space and the room will look really cluttered.

Solution: Ever heard of minimalistic design? It’s all about keeping things minimal and simple. So, stop going OTT with the pillows. Casually lay about two or three pillows on your sofa, tops. More than that will definitely not work.


5. Lots Of Patterns

Don’t get me wrong. Patterns are really beautiful. But not when they’re everywhere! You can’t have patterns on the wall, on the bed and on the carpet. It needs to stop at some point, doesn’t it?

Solution: Opt for just one pattern that you really like. You can use it on the walls. Then, start decorating the space using furniture or pieces in simple, bright and solid colours. Take it from us,  that will make your room look simply beautiful.


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