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Meghana Is Getting Super Comfy On This Bean Bag!

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You know how everyone has that little spot in their home that’s their favourite one? The one place you crave for when you’re having a bad day and all you can think about is curling up in your spot? Yes, that. I’m totally implying how Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory feels for his couch. For me, it’s my balcony, where I spend hours cuddled up with a book or scribbling away in my diary. It’s my den.

To give my treasured space a makeover, I decided to buy a bean bag to make it comfier so that I can spend more hours buried in my haven. I definitely didn’t want it to be the usual monochrome because my balcony needs to exude more of my character, right? And if you know me, I like all things quirky. So while I was hunting for my kind of merchandise, I came across this funky looking bean bag on Chumbak and it was love at first sight.



Chumbak Majestic City Bean Bag

What made me hit the Shop Now button was its bright colour. You have to agree that the fiery red instills a sense of positivity and vibrance, right? I can totally imagine myself lazying on this majestic bean bag for hours on end. All I would need is fairy lights and a few flower pots to give my balcony a relaxed yet pretty vibe! So voila, my Instagram feed is soon going to be spammed with shots from my little paradise. *Yay!*

SHOP NOW: Chumbak Majestic City Bean Bag (Rs 2,995)


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