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10 Bookshelves On Instagram That Will Inspire You To Get Your Books A New Home

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I believe that any place can feel like home with the company of a good book. Like, really. So books definitely need a special space, even if it is a shelf in a cosy corner.

Bookshelves, small or big, automatically liven up your room. And honestly, they are an investment, not an expense.

So, even if you have to spend some time, research a lot, and splurge a little to find the perfect bookshelf, I suggest you do it. The satisfaction you’ll get later, seeing your books in their happy place will be worth it.

But, to help you out, here are 10 cutesy Instagram bookshelves that will urge you and slyly guilt you into buying more, and more, and more books.

PS: I can’t see why that’s a problem, ri

A pastel ladder to keep ’em books? Hell yes!


The classic wooden shelf that requires 5 minutes of set up and a lifetime of joy.


Just cannot go wrong with white. And the contrast of the colour from the books is splendid.


Has clutter ever looked this satisfying? Such a great idea to turn your novels into a bookshelf of their own.


When you want your books to have company, go for minimum drama.


Simple wall bookshelf teamed with blue hues and a printed wallpaper gives you the feel of a fancy book storing space, but actually is not. Brilliant!


For those who like to go old school! Antique vibes on point.


If you have a space that can accommodate this bookshelf, please, please just get it built ASAP!


I think white is just the best bookshelf colour. Also, adding plants takes the detailing to a whole new level.


Or just take up the whole wall and turn it into a bookshelf. Coz[tps_header][/tps_header]… why not?


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