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Get The Look: The Cosy Corner In Alia’s Room

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When most of us picture our dream home, we have a warm, fuzzy, cute little corner in the room, where we would want to unwind after a long day or read a good, gripping novel through the weekend. And guess what, Alia Bhatt also has one in her dressing room, and it’s giving us all the right vibes.


Alia Bhatt Home_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Architectural Digest


Off-white brick walls with an L-shaped window lined with drapes of the same colour family welcome you and immediately soothe your senses. The drop pendant light from West Elm gives the space a chic, modern look, while the rug on the floor lends a more traditional touch. Beige seating, aligned with the window, gives Alia the perfect view, while being super comfortable. Also, the colour is perfect, as it isn’t too bright and you can easily sneak in a quick nap here; plus we’re guessing the white duvet will surely help. But hey, there should be a pop of colour just like Alia’s personality, right? Enter bright, patterned, owl-shaped cushions.

Finish off the look with the blue vase from Sanctum and quirky posters strewn about. If you want a nook just like the one this actress has, scroll down and order similar products, and yes, show off like you’re the best interior designer out there!

PS: Alia’s home is designed by the ace interior designer Rekha Bharadwaj.









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