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Farozan’s ‘Book’ed The Perfect Storage Box For Her Stuff

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Remember that episode of Friends where Ross tries to hook up with a gorgeous girl but her room is such a filthy mess that he freaks out? If I were left to my own devices, my room would probably look like that too. Thank God for mothers! Unfortunately for me, this messy streak has followed me to the office too. Merde! Combined with the fact that I take utter comfort in having my 35 most important possessions at arm’s distance at all times, you can only imagine how *literally* messy things get. Any surface within a 2-foot radius of me is a victim of Hurricane Farozan’s clutter!


Insignia Beige & Gold Storage Book Box_Inpost_Hauterfly (1)

Address Home Insignia Storage Book Box


And so I’ve come up with an ingenious solution that’ll keep my desk clean. A bunch of cute storage boxes stacked together. Ok, I can’t admit that the idea is completely my own, but let’s just continue to pretend that I’m an interior design genius, hmm? I experienced love at first sight when I spotted this objet d’art, which is a real fancy way of saying it’s  a) expensive b) an artistic thingie, and c) not a dart.

I love how this book box allows me to showcase my hidden bibliophilia while keeping my surroundings relatively clean. The box is made of wood and covered with faux leather. The gorgeous attention to detail and stunning Victorian era-inspired embossing in gold foil is what cinched the deal for me. I love the idea of storing my mini medical store, stationary shop, and snack counter in different tomes and stacking ‘em up like a mini library. They’ve got the same pattern in 10 other finishes, so I’m totally spoilt for choice. Go ahead and give these stylish storage boxes a try, they’ll help you clean up your act while looking très chic.

SHOP NOW: Address Home Insignia Storage Book Box (Rs 1,990)


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