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The Newly-Weds’ Guide To Decorating The Bedroom!

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A marriage marks the beginning of a new life, and most likely, a new home where you would want to create memories with your partner! Of course, living together can be overwhelming to begin with, but on the bright side the two of you can create an environment for yourself to feel comfortable in. And trust me, it is a lot of fun!

Imagine a scenario where he wants to put his toy car collection on display, and you want to have a tent over your bed covered in fairy lights! Nightmare, right?

And that’s exactly why decorating your space from scratch needs to be collaborative experience. It is always easy to decide on the big furniture pieces in your room, but decorating the tiny corners and adding sentimental elements to the room is what will create the perfect love nest for you and your partner.

To help you get started, I have put together 9 decor elements that are perfect for newly-weds, and I’m certain you’ll love them!

Cushion Cover – Stybuzz from Perpperfry (Rs 199)

1. Apart from the regular bed linen you use, throw on a few cushion with love quotes in soft fabrics like satin or silk to add that romantic touch to the room.


Lightbox – Mangopeople (Rs 1699)

2. A light box will enable you to write cute messages for each other every morning.


Wall Mirror – Naveed Art (Rs. 540)

3. Mirrors in different shapes and sizes add to the charm of the room and give it that sexy feel. Plus, if both of you love stealing a glance at yourselves in the mirror, then this is definitely the decor accessory you need.


Candles – India Circus (Rs 456)

4. Add ambient lighting to the room with a couple of scented candles. The fragrance adds that sensual vibe too.


Photo Frames – Shopclues (Rs 6590)

5. Decorate a wall with photo frames that capture memories from your courtship, marriage, and honeymoon. Sneak in a baby picture if you guys are keen on starting a family.


String Lights – Mangopeople (Rs. 1299)

6. Fairy lights don’t have to be girly! Get creative while using fairy lights, and store them in containers or light bulbs.


Flower Vase – Zahab (Rs 639)

7. A vase with fresh flowers is a beautiful reminder to work on your relationship every single day. As you change the flowers every other day, you’ll remember to do something special for each other too.


Clock – Craftters from Pepperfry (Rs. 4499)

8. Bring in a clock that works as a statement piece. This one is functional yet decorative!


Wall hangings – Engrave (Rs 641)

9. Nothing like a cute wall hanging to capture the mood! Hang one by the window to complete your bedroom decor.


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