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7 ‘Pretty’ Clever Ways To Store Your Jewellery

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If you love jewellery as much as I do, you’ve probably got a few drawers full of the pretty little things. Funny thing is, I rarely ever wear them all. You know why? They are all stored neatly away and it’s too much trouble to upset the order. But, I’m about to change that.

I’ve been scouting for some neat ways to store my jewellery and Instagram did not disappoint.

So, if you too are afraid of getting your long necklaces in a knot, or you simply keep misplacing one earring in the pair, these awesome jewellery storage ideas are sure to help you too.

They help you sort through your collection easily and they make for great room decor too.

The Cupcake Stand


The Grater Earring Rack


The Knob Hanger


The Frame-Worthy Stand


The Window Display


The DIY Icecream Stick Rack


The Artsy Jewellery Hanger


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