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Dear Trolls, Malaika Arora Doesn’t Give A Damn About Your Opinions And Has Toughened Up. She’s Such A Star

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When we talk about Bollywood celebrities, we focus on their looks and all things superficial. We praise them crazy when we heart their looks. And the moment they falter, netizens troll them left, right and centre. Would you go up to a girl and tell her dress looks like shit, offline? You’d say that’s rude and insensitive. And yet, we treat celebrities like people with no heart. So people feel no shame in sitting behind a screen and tearing humans apart. I often feel amazed at how these celebrities keep their cool. Honestly, I have always found Malaika Arora to be a woman of substance. She’s so much more than just her style, her glamorous life and fit bod. She is a secure woman who isn’t afraid to live life by her rules. Malaika had the courage to walk out of a long-term marriage. She didn’t bother about log kya kahenge when she got into a relationship with a much younger guy, Arjun Kapoor. While the duo are quite in love, the trolls will probably try to shame her on this, for the next 500 years. But Arora has toughened up, and she doesn’t quite get bothered.

She spoke in an interview, “You cannot stop people. It’s their own views. People always weigh things. If you are in the business, you’ll get used to it. These things (trolling) can happen to anybody.” If all of us learn to develop this ‘live and let live’ kinda attitude, life will be so much easier! It’s a vicious circle – you are judging someone, 10 other people are judging you. And nobody really does what they want – at least not peacefully.”

Malaika Arora has been in news since forever, even though she never quite became an actress. She set the frame on fire as she grooved to Chaiyya Chaiyya and Munni Badnaam, but Arora never wanted to be a Bollywood actress. “I was never really interested in films that way. I didn’t want to be a film heroine and so I was never attracted towards this. I always used to love the industry (Bollywood) but working as a heroine in a film never interested me,” said Malaika Arora, as reported by News 18.

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Meanwhile, both Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor were spotted at the airport, though separately. Are the lovebirds going for another getaway? We’re gonna keep a close watch on their Insta!

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