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Dear Magazines, Why Photoshop Kareena Kapoor And Kajol So Much That They Look Unreal? That’s Awful

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There are a few things about the beauty industry I will never understand. On one hand, everyone is all about body positivity, all about embracing your flaws and finding beauty in imperfection and all that. But, on the other hand, known publications go and heavily photoshop glamour shots making our celebrities, who are trailblazers in the industry and known for more than just their look, look unreal (not in a good way). What is with all this hypocrisy? If you are trying to promote things like self-love, then why are pictures still being overly edited?

If you think about it, our actresses are seemingly perfect as they are. Which really makes me wonder, why would anyone think someone as drop-dead gorgeous as Kareena Kapoor Khan would need such a heavy retouch? She is a beauty icon but apparently to some people, that isn’t enough.

Earlier this week, a known publication posted a picture of Kareena standing on a bed in a powder blue jumpsuit looking all playful. Though they meant that picture to be a “doing away with Monday blues” post, they received a lot of flak after angry netizens noticed the heavy usage of photoshop to make her legs look so unnaturally toned that her knees practically disappeared. Yep, it is a little funny and a whole lot shitty. However, it appears that the publication simply shared the picture in question.

The picture went viral though when it was picked up popular Instagram page, Diet Sabya. They storied a screenshot of what seems to be a chat between them and someone who DM’ed them Kareena’s picture. The chat reads, “She’s so beautiful, why did they edit the photo so much? And by that, I mean forgot to edit the calves in the shadow behind.”

If you look at the picture carefully, you will notice that Kareena’s shadow at the back clearly shows her real curves and calf muscles. Can someone tell me what is wrong in having calf muscles and curves? It is ridiculous, rather than making her look like a real and relatable woman, they chose to edit not only her calves out but make her look was born without knee caps. Whoever was allotted this picture to edit, not only over did it but did a shoddy job as well.

Netizens left a lot of angry comments on that picture. Some of them read, “Itna zyada retouch kiya hai ki knees gayab ho gaya (It’s so heavily retouched that her knees have disappeared),” another comment read “You just photoshopped her legs to half the size of her actual legs! Are you guys for real?” someone wrote, “There has to be limit of photoshop guys, Kareena never had this lean legs and calf muscle”

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Do you know funnier than Kareena with no knees? Kajol’s picture for another widely known publication where she has been made to look literally half her actual size. The picture looks like it has been mercilessly edited to make Kajol’s waistline look way smaller than it is. The airbrushing does not end there, even her jawline looks like it has been tampered with. Out of all the things that are wrong with that picture, these two, stick out like a sore thumb.

If you look at a non-glamour shot of Kajol, she looks like a real, beautiful woman who absolutely owns her curves. Why can’t we see those pictures even on magazine covers and photoshoots? Just look at the stark difference between the two pictures. We really need to understand that we do not need to edit these shots so much anymore.

I think it is time magazines and publications stop doing this. While we are trying to break free from all the impossible beauty standards, why must these naturally stunning celebrities be portrayed as flawless?

Enough now!

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