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Dear Internet, Star Kid Or Not, You Don’t Need To Morally Police What Nysa Is Wearing

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Sometimes I think I have a tough life. Having to live away from my parents, working day in and day out tirelessly, and somewhere between meeting deadlines and not friends, I tend to think life is getting a little hard for me. That was all up until the point, I heard what is it that star kids actually go through.

The fame, the popularity, the paparazzi that we all crave comes with a dark side, one that these kids don’t sign up for but are dragged into because their parents are famous.  Yes there are perks, the fancy living, the elite social circle, but all of that at a cost called privacy.

We are speaking in light of Ajay Devgan’s recent statement against the ridiculous comments that were made against daughter Nysa Devgn, get this, for her airport look. Nysa was spotted at the airport, wearing a casual sweatshirt and shorts that got a little hidden behind the length of the hoodie and THAT became news. It wasn’t enough that media was stirring up fake controversies about Nysa’s Bollywood debut or taking digs at her complexion, that now we have paparazzi snapping and blabbering about decency of character based on their clothes .

As a concerned and angry father, Ajay commented, ”She is just 14-year-old and I feel, at times, people forget that and talk rubbish. She was wearing such a long shirt and she was also wearing shorts. Now because of the length of the shirt, her shorts weren’t visible and the kid got trolled for that.”

He further added, “I request the paparazzi to at least leave the children alone. Why are they paying the price for their famous parents? I don’t think any child is okay with paparazzi. They want their space. They want to not dress up every time they step out, so it’s very sad when such things happen.”

And it makes sense. I mean, we get that often there is no news for paparazzi to capture and report and get your day going, but that doesn’t imply that you start policing what anyone wears. Star kid or not, people have the right to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, without making it to the headlines and getting judged for it. Period. Next we’ll probably have paps snapping toddlers in diapers and losing their shit over how inappropriately they are dressed.


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