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Dear Internet, Nithya Menen Can Do Her Bit For The Kerala Floods Without Telling You About It. So, Calm Down.

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Social media activism has become the latest buzzword for the millennial generation. Whether it’s blacking out our profile pictures or pitching in to get a hashtag trending for a cause…doing good isn’t enough, you.  While social media is indeed an important platform to raise awareness on societal issues, it has also become oppressive in terms of how much information you are required to put out. Every major event comes with a hashtag these days. The sea of tweets and Instagram posts that get these tags trending come from people who use the platform for various reasons. One section of society who are most associated with it are the celebrities. More often than not, it is the big names with large followings who speak up about these issues. But is it mandatory? We think not. Mission Mangal star Nithya Menen shares our views about the same and we are glad someone finally said it!

The actress is busy promoting the new release Mission Mangal with her co-stars. But the constant pestering she has received from people for posting promotional content and not talking about the Kerala floods has caused the actress some unrest. She took to her Instagram page to talk about it and she said it like it is.

Nithya made it very clear in her video that her social media has very little to do with her private life. The causes close to her and the issues she works for do not make it to her page because she doesn’t deem it necessary to be showcased. We respect her decision to keep her personal life out of the limelight, which is rare in an industry which thrives on an image cultivated on social media.

In the video she says, “Usually when people say something like that, I let it go, but I am not letting go (this time) because the comments are getting more and more vindictive. You should not assume that people are not doing anything if they are posting anything on social media. I don’t use certain things for social media. There are only a few things that I use social media for. We all help and just because you don’t hear anything about it, it doesn’t mean we are not doing anything”. Amen to that!

People have also accused her of being ignorant to the Kerala issue and instead of posting promotional content. To this, Nithya said, “I have seen comments that I am getting money for it and that is why I am doing it, but that is not correct. We have to do it as actors. When a movie is releasing we have to do promotions. It is not as if we are enjoying it and having fun. It is only promotion, please understand that”, she elaborated.

We respect every celebrity out there trying to make a difference with the tremendous reach of their voice. But we sometimes forget that it is the individual’s decision to speak up about an issue on their social pages. Some celebs choose to remain anonymous while working for their chosen cause and that is completely okay. To bully and accuse a well-known actor of being “insensitive” just because they didn’t post a story about a cause is stupid and lame. There is a world outside Instagram, one which people are losing touch with more and more. And that is not okay!

On the work front, Nithya will be seen with fellow leading ladies Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, Kriti Kulhari and Sonakshi Sinha in Mission Mangal, releasing on 15th August. We are excited!

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