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Dating App Bumble Rolls In Policy To Ban Anyone Who Makes Inappropriate Comments On Someone’s Appearance. Body-shamers, Beware!

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  1. After spending countless hours on online dating apps like Bumble, Hinge and Tinder, I have found the one… major problem that makes it an extremely exhausting experience. Which is, regardless of how amazing someone comes across from their photos and witty one liners, you can never be sure how they would turn out. I mean, you can even judge a book by its cover for once but not a guy by his profile. You swipe left for hundreds of profiles before you find one decent guy you can think about talking to. Even then, chances are once you start talking to them, they turn out shallow and total douchebags, and sometimes better body-shamers than your padoswali aunty.

Not kidding; I have met people who would casually joke about someone’s body, sexual orientation, colour and race without batting an eye, or in this case, twitching their thumb, that got me like boy, bye! However, with their new policy update, dating app Bumble has made clear that it is no place for people who are fatphobic, ableist, racist, colorist, transphobic, homophobic or body-shamers. If you are one, you’d get banned.

The feminist dating platform, which is actor Priyanka Chopra’s venture, has become the first dating app to roll in a body-positive policy to protect its users against hurtful and offensive comments on appearance. Priti Joshi, VP of Strategy at Bumble said, “We believe in being explicit when it comes to the kind of behaviour that is not welcome on our platforms and we’ve made it clear that body-shaming is not acceptable on Bumble,” she also said, that they will “not hesitate to permanently remove someone who consistently goes against [their] guidelines,” after thorough investigation on the reports, of course.

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This cool move has come after Bumble conducted a survey last year and found out that about 44% of its users felt insecure and self-conscious about their bodies. And, we are not surprised. OLD is so hard with all the rejections and the struggle of meeting someone’s expectations that it can make anyone feel really bad about themselves. On top of it, there’s a capsule full of people who may seem nice on the surface but would make offensive comments and use hurtful language about your appearance. Well, body-shaming is something we are not tolerating in 2021 and these terms and policies to bad anyone and everyone proves it.

According to the new terms and policies, users posting offensive images and making body shaming comments or using any sort of inappropriate language would be sent an automated warning about their behaviour by Bumble AI. Users can also report body shamers from their profile menu under ‘Block and Report’ and cite body shaming as the reason. The team will review the flagged accounts and take further action, which includes banning the user permanently.

Bumble will also be updating its photo policy after it got backlash for taking down a woman’s photo in a bra stating that while topless photos in a bikini outside are allowed, such pictures indoor look “too much like underwear.” It was ironic coming from a woman-centric dating app which claims to be made solely to empower women. However, it would be reviewing its guidelines regarding the same, and we will hopefully see another policy update soon the app won’t be moral policing its users. Looking forward to that!

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