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Dabangg 3 Took A Hit At The Box Office Due To The Anti-CAA Protests And We’re So Glad We’re Focusing On What’s Important

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Bollywood is the bread and butter that every Indian child is brought up on. I remember the excitement of going and watching a newly released movie in the theater every Friday was the highlight of everyone’s week. Back then, promotions or box office earnings reported as widely, splashed across newspaper headlines, as they are today. The success of a movie was carried solely on the shoulders of the hero in the movie since they had a very large and loyal fan base. That is not the case today, movies are now super commercial – it has to make everyone involved a lot of money – and give them box office earnings. These tactics have landed numerous actors, even those that make senseless movies in the 100 and 200 crore brackets.

However, Salman Khan is one actor who with movies like Sultaan and Bajrangi Bhaijan crossed the 200-crore bracket and made a whole new space called the 300-crore bracket. Personally, I have always intensely disliked his movies. They are baseless and a lot of the times sexist AF. But that is my opinion. He has the most loyal bunch of fans that will kiss the ground he’s walked on. I don’t understand it because I have always felt that movies are repetitive and lack sensible content.

Coming to his most recent movie, Dabangg 3 that released on 20th December. Dabangg 3 is obviously the third part of the high-ranking Dabangg franchise. Now I can see why it would make sense to continue with this horrible franchise – it’s rubbish but it makes the money for him. And in their release weekends, the first two parts crossed a whopping 100 crores. So obviously, the expectation was that Dabangg 3 would do just as well, if not better. The box office numbers are out and turns out, the earnings are only at around 73 crores. Wait, does this mean people are actually done with this kind of bullshit?

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I’m not a fan of the franchise and this proves exactly how serious our country is about the anti-CAA protests. Yes guys, we were so caught up fighting for freedom in this country, we forgot to throw money at Salman movies. Either way, I think this is heartening and wonderful. This dip in Dabangg 3’s gross earnings over the weekend can be largely credited to all the unfortunate chaos that has engulfed our country. Though 80 crores is not a terrible amount for the first weekend, if you compare it to the rest of Salman’s movies that release over Eid every year, it is pretty average. I mean, even a movie as horrid as Tubelight crossed 100 crores in its first week.

Even the female lead in the Dabangg 3, Sonakshi Sinha has confirmed that the movie has taken a hit due to the protests. In an interview, she said, “We all know what is going on in the entire country,” She added “I think people know that what is more important, but I am honestly happy with audience response to our film. At this moment, the entire country has come together on this matter (CAA protests) and it is more important than a film.”

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We are so glad that she is accepting that the anti-CAA protests are more important than any movie. This really does show that when the country unifies to fight against something, they mean business and not even the release of a Salman Khan movie can make them shift focus.

Anyway, it’s not like these movies have any message that the fans need to know. So, yay.

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