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Dabangg 3 Will Have A Munna Song Instead Of A Munni Song. Kya Feminism Hai! Slow Clap.

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Bollywood, one of the highest grossing and entertaining industries in the country, seemingly finds itself in a tough microscopic spot now, as it should, finally understanding the kind of power and influence it exerts in shaping public opinion. We say this after we see fickle attempts being made by several upcoming films like Dabangg 3, to avoid seething feminists who have been offended by Kabir Singh.

The action thriller that has till now revolved around the police officer Chulbul Pandey and his escapades as he takes on the bad boys, momentarily indulges his love interest and shakes a leg in one or two songs about alcohol and a certain badnaam munni. It would be too much to expect that much will change, Salman Khan’s brand of cinema rarely has any semblance of a story but they continue to be popular and so, is all set to release the third instalment of this movie, with Sonakshi Sinha and Salman Khan reprising their roles. The Dabangg actress, who has been quite tight-lipped about the screenplay of the movie, recently shared that the speculation about Dabangg 3 having a love triangle isn’t true. She said, “No… speculations will be there, but of course, there will be a different story and this film will have new characters as we don’t want to offer the same stuff to our audience. I feel it is going to be an amazing film.”

But that was not what precisely caught our attention. What the actress said next was what made us choke on the hilarity and tokenism of it. It is because when she was asked more about the movie, Sonakshi Sinha went on to reveal that, “I think it will be very fun because there is an element in Dabangg series where artists come and they do a song for the film. This time there will not be Munni in the song and there will be Munna in the song, so it will be a lot more fun.” And honestly, it was funnier than it was fun.

That’s excellent. To replace a lyric in an item number is the best that has happened to feminism, really. We are pretty sure they won’t have a sexy man gyrating in minimal clothing so maybe they can shove this token feminism where the sun don’t shine.  Be it Munni badnaam hui or Jatt Ludhiyaane da, objectifying either gender is not cool and honestly not necessary at this point. Of course that is IF your storyline is good enough, which in this case is questionable. Which always explains the need of an item song.

And who knows, this change might as well not be a conscious decision but a consequence of the original Munni, Malaika Arora, stepping out of the Khan clan after her split with former husband Arbaaz Khan who is also part of the cast and the production.

Just another Bollywood movie, just another day of us calling them out.


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