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Cyprus Will Cover All Costs Of Tourists Infected With Coronavirus. Despite This Generous Offer, Will You Dare To Travel This Year?

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The coronavirus proved to be a larger threat than anyone ever imagined. The pandemic has hit over 110 countries infecting millions of people and costing thousands their lives, houses and livelihoods. As necessary as this lockdown is, the fact is that the world can’t afford to completely shut down for so long especially considering a lot of economies are already feeling the pressure mounting.

Millions of people spread out in countries all over the world have lost their jobs because most industries aren’t operational. The hospitality and tourism sector has been the worst hit, with many losing jobs or being sent on unpaid leaves. And it’s probably not going to recover any time soon.  The reason I say this is that no one is travelling right now seeing as most of the countries still have travel restrictions and that vacationing is the last thing on people’s minds. But even once these restrictions are lifted, how many of us will be able to visit another country without even a hint of fear? I know I would be terrified to travel anywhere this entire year.

However, as you might know, a lot of countries around the globe are primarily reliant on tourism. Which means that those countries need to find a way to lure people into travelling if they want to reboot their economies. And that is exactly what most of these countries are doing by putting all sorts of schemes and discounts on airfare and resorts. But what caught our eye was the offer Cyprus made to garner more tourism.

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Cyprus, a beautiful island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea that depends mostly on tourism. To encourage people to travel to Cyprus, they have promised to pay the bills of anyone whose vacation is ruined by the coronavirus.

The island is going to pick up the tab for infected tourists. They will provide free health care for corona patients and a free quarantine hotel stay for all their dependents. This offer gives Cyprus an added edge over all the other countries who are battling to attract tourists once their lockdowns have been lifted.

Savvas Perdios, the deputy tourism minister said, “We will cover the cost of hospitalisation of those who test positive during their holiday. And pay for their families and close contacts to be accommodated in quarantine hotels.”

The only costs that the Greek Cypriot government will not foot are those of the flights back to the countries of these patients and their ride to the airport. I think that’s a fair deal though, don’t you?

The maintenance of a good healthcare system and provisions to see this plan through will play a crucial role in attracting vacationers. Bearing that in mind, the government of Cyprus has arranged for 112 ICU’s with 200 respirators for the critical patients and a 100-bed hospital catering solely to foreign tourists who test positive. They will also be a 500-room hotel set up where the people travelling with the patient can quarantine themselves.

Perdios says that the tourism industry has taken “a massive hit” this year. Although the island itself has managed to flatten its graph and curb the spread of the coronavirus, with only 949 confirmed cases, they recognise that it’s not going to be easy to get tourists this year. Since Cyprus is largely reliant on British tourists, it would be a miracle if they get a fraction of the estimated 3.98 million tourists who vacationed there last year.

To ensure that they get the maximum number of tourists, the Cypriot authorities also have plans to extend this year’s season well into the winter. This will attract tourists from all the countries that are going to spend their summer battling coronavirus. There are also laws in place to ensure all tourists maintain social distancing at all times. Guests will be encouraged to pay with contactless cards and hotel staff will be wearing masks.

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Cyprus isn’t the only country that has new offers and discounts to attract travellers. Greece, Spain, other Mediterranean islands, Portugal and a lot of other countries who are heavily dependent on tourism will be lowering their prices and offering huge discounts.

It seems like 2020 would be the ideal year for travel considering that it would make our bank accounts, and in turn us, so happy. Unfortunately, fear and corona are two of the worst party-poopers.

So the question remains, how much are you willing to risk to get to a beach right now?

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